You can Reserve a Hotel Even if It’s Fully Booked. Here’s How.

Hotel Reservation

The idea of booking a hotel that’s already fully booked might be crazy and impossible. Before you make that conclusion, realize that it can be done. Just because the hotel is at capacity doesn’t mean it’s fully occupied. It’s possible that all the rooms have been reserved, but some guests didn’t show up. It’s also possible that the system depicts it, but there are vacancies in reality.

When you forgot to book a hotel or you had a last-minute trip, you have to find a way to get a room. You can’t give up since there’s no other choice. It’s even worse if you visit places with limited accommodation options.

Establish a relationship

Be nice to the hotel staff. They will tell you that there are no vacancies and it can be frustrating. Contain your emotions and don’t scream at them. Even if you know they might not be telling the truth, you can’t be too hard on them. These employees are trying their best to accommodate everyone. During a busy season, you’re probably not the only one begging to get a room. Charm your way out and be as nice as possible.

Request for a conversation with the supervisor

Request for a conversation with the supervisor

The front desk staff might not do anything about the reservations, but the supervisor might. Therefore, it pays to establish a relationship with the supervisor. Even if it doesn’t work well for now, it could pay off in the future. Just have a small talk after introducing yourself. If you frequently visit the area, offer that information too. For sure, there are ways to grant your desires.

Be a member

If the hotel has membership privileges or reward systems, sign up. It doesn’t matter if you rarely use it. You want to be on the priority list. Hotels will give preference to guests who are a part of this group. Besides, you may earn points each time you stay at a hotel and can redeem the reward later.

Don’t give up

When the hotel staff tells you the room is fully booked, stay there and don’t give up. You might be surprised that a room opens up within a few minutes. Things change all the time and systems don’t get instant updates. If you’re patient enough, a room might open for you. Patiently wait at the lobby and wait for the staff to approach you. Another option is to keep going back to the front desk to ask questions.

Use some apps

While there are regular apps for hotel reservations, you will find other options that will tell you if a room opens up. These apps also specialize in popular hotels that always claim to be fully booked. You might have to pay more if you use their service, but it would be worth it.

You don’t always have the best plans when traveling. You’re not like other people who can iron things out months ahead. If you only have the last minute to deal with the details, don’t freak out. You can still find a way to get a room.

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