Tips in Planning a Surprise Honeymoon

Tips in Planning Honeymoon

Planning an elaborate wedding is never easy. Your wife might be very involved in the plan. All the details need to be perfect. Sometimes, people would say that there is too much preparation for the wedding, but not for the marriage. As such, you might want to take the chance when your future is still busy to secretly plan for your honeymoon. It is important, but it might have slipped her mind given all the preparations for the wedding.

It is not easy planning a honeymoon though. There are a lot of wonderful choices, but you have to be careful which path you are going to take. You have to consider your partner’s preferences without her knowing what your plans are. Here are some tips to help you.

Decide on the best destination

There is no need for you to ask your partner where to go in an upfront manner. In fact, having been together for quite some time, you already know where she wants to go and what her interests are. Use this information in deciding which place you are going to have your honeymoon. Another option is to try a place you both dislike. It is a challenge and both of you will be in for a surprise. You may also ask the family and friends of your partner as they could give suggestions. Just limit it though as your plan could get revealed.

Determine the date

Your future wife will be even more surprised if you decide to go on a honeymoon during the dates when she thought she is going back to work. Arrange her leave of absence by speaking with her boss. If you have a business together, delegate the tasks to your staff so that even if you are not home, the business will still keep running.

Decide on the best destination

Create an itinerary

Women are usually detailed. They don’t like it when there are a lot of surprises to a point that the trip doesn’t seem to have been planned. Instead of being surprised, they might take the wheel and organize everything on the spot. Since you have not planned the details well, you have no choice but to let her take over. This can be avoided by creating a clear itinerary. You need to plan everything out including the places to visit and the mode of transportation.

Make advance bookings

Whether this plan is revealed or not, you have to book in advance. You would rather make cancellations later than have last minute reservations when everything is expensive or fully booked. Besides, if you already know the details like destination and date, booking won’t be a problem.

Just hope your plan won’t come out in the open. You have worked really hard to surprise your future wide. Nevertheless, the point is that you will have some time together after getting married. Use this opportunity not just to plan for the trip but to also get to know each other better. This is the beginning of more memories to share with each other. Cheers to more travels together!

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