Tips in Visiting Lesser Known Destinations Within a Popular Country

Lesser Known Destinations

There are certain landmarks that you shouldn’t miss when visiting popular countries. Some people would say that if you missed them, it’s as if you haven’t visited the country at all. For instance, if you go to France, you can’t go home without seeing the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty when you’re in New York.

Although these popular destinations shouldn’t be missed, there’s also value in visiting places that aren’t as popular. Some of them are famous among locals, but tourists don’t go out of their way to see these places. Try to insert in your schedule some of these lesser-known destinations

Ask the locals 

Ask the locals

If you rely on online reviews and websites for information about where to go, you might not get a complete picture. You need to ask the locals so they can recommend some of the best places that most tourists probably won’t recommend. They know more, and they can even provide details on how to reach these places. 

Determine your interest

You can visit places that are related to what you’re passionate about. There are places that will probably match your interest. For instance, if you’re into arts, you will find art exhibits, museums, and galleries that aren’t too popular. Despite that, they’re worth visiting. You might even end up supporting local artists who struggle to get recognized. If you love visiting bars and have a good time, you can find plenty of local bars that not too many tourists know about. These places are exciting, and you will find locals who would want to converse with you. Everyone probably knows each other in the bar, so you will feel safe. 

It could be a bumpy ride

Some of these places are unpopular because of their location. They might be too far off from the city center. Others aren’t visited because they’re surrounded by areas that aren’t well-received. Prepare yourself for the possibility to have a bumpy ride heading to these destinations. It’s like finding gold in the middle of a desert. You might feel uncomfortable, but the destination would be worth it. 

Be open-minded

Traveling isn’t only about having fun. You do it to learn about other people’s cultures and traditions. You want to know their way of life and might find them interest. Some of them seem strange and the places you visit will reflect them. Despite that, you should still pursue the trip. Learn to be open-minded and you will get more out of the experience. 

In some instances, you visit the places because you know it would be uncomfortable. For instance, you can visit the slums to learn about how poor people live. You can also go to local wet markets to know how people prepare dishes on a regular day. Most tourists aren’t interested in doing it, but you can learn a lot if you do so.

Enjoy your trip and brag about your experience. Convince others to have these places in the itinerary if they visit those countries. 

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