Tips to Avoid Looking Like a Tourist

Avoid Looking Like Tourist

The last thing you want to happen during a trip is for people to recognize you as a tourist. They will possibly bother you or even commit criminal acts since you don’t know the area. They also believe you can’t ask for help from anyone due to your limited connections. Therefore, it helps if you start acting like you’re from the area. It doesn’t matter if you don’t look like everyone else. You will still benefit from not acting like a tourist. Here are some tips.

Dress up appropriately

Dress up appropriately

Understand how locals dress up. You don’t want to stand out because you don’t wear clothes like everyone else. If you’re visiting a conservative country, try to cover up. It’s not only to pretend you’re local, but to also show respect. You’re only a visitor and there are beliefs you must follow.


Try to research your destination and determine how you’re moving from one point to another. You don’t want to keep replying on other people for help because you have no idea where you are. Research what transportation to use or how to arrive at your chosen destination. If you’re going to a destination that not many people go to, you have more reasons to research.

Know a few words

It also helps to know a few local words. People will appreciate you because of your effort. They will also stay away from trying to fool you since you can understand them. Besides, when you try to haggle, you will get your way because you can speak the language. It also adds to your charm.

Use public transportation

It also pays to use public transportation. It shows that you’re confident in getting around the area. You will also save money. If you don’t complain despite the challenges of using public transportation, people will think you’re from the area.

Never flash cash or valuables

You can’t make the mistake of flashing your valuables. You don’t want to tempt potential criminals to steal from you. If possible, leave the important items at your hotel. You can bring your phone and credit card when travelling. It’s easier to protect your things if you only bring the essentials.

Avoid taking pictures when no one does

If you’re a tourist, you can’t help it but take pictures. There’s nothing wrong in doing it. Even locals take pictures of wonderful destinations. As long as you can see that everyone does the same, you should take photos. Otherwise, you’re telling people it’s your first time to be there and it’s not a good sign.

Try to fake it

You should try to fake your way out until you succeed in showing to everyone that you’re from the area. It might be challenging, but you can do it. If you have to ask questions or you got lost, find a reliable person. You can also search information on your phone.

With these tips, no one will think you’re a tourist and you will have a smooth trip.

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