The Top Destinations to Check Out in the Netherlands

Top Destinations

The Netherlands is a special place filled with kind people, good beer, and gorgeous northern locales. Of course, one can’t be expected to travel all of the snowy nooks when it comes to Netherlands travel. You have to have an itinerary when travelling to new locations. Thankfully, Finland, Iceland, Denmark and the rest of the Nordic nations have some very gorgeous gems that are both hidden away and exposed for everyone to see. When planning a vacation to the home of the Vikings, make sure to include at least a few of these places on your list.


Besides the numerous stereotypical activities you can participate in while Amsterdam, there are other things you can do there. First up, cyclists and bikers are sure to enjoy the main means of transport in Amsterdam because it’s literally biking everywhere. Sure, there are a few odd cars that pass along the streets from time to time, but folks enjoy the open air better. On top of that, you can also check out the Anne Frank house and read about the history of the young lady and those that sheltered her.


If you’re more into urban exploration, then Utrecht has a bit of a surprise in store for you. Utrecht is a city which was plucked from an ancient time. Every building here was built during the early medieval age. While some places have been demolished and replaced, most were just revived and renovated in order to accommodate new technology. Everything looks gorgeous and passing through every street can bring a sense of wonder all on its own.


If you’re in the mood for special cultural festivals, then you’re in luck. Plan a trip during the winter months to Vrijthof and you’ll be able to participate in the local culture of this northern destination. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in a world that is very different from your own. If, however, you don’t enjoy the snow, then the autumn festival should be the thing for you. The Saint Servatius church is also a great place to visit if you have religious leanings and what to see what northern destinations offer the pious person.



Port cities are often hit or miss because of their origins. Some places don’t survive because new industries and towns grow around them. Hoorn is lucky in that it has survived change pretty well. In fact, it’s been so well adjusted that tourists constantly flock there. If you catch the mists on the right seasons, then you’ll be treated to a gorgeous town flooded with pretty gray mists. You should totally sample the local seafood because every plate is filled with something fresh.

Hoge Veluwe

The Hoge Veluwe is a gorgeous park which spans dozens of hectares of land. The reason why this place is so unique is that it features hundreds of different land types. The forests are a wonder to explore, and the bike trails make it easier to travel through them. Hikers will find that landscape is also easy to navigate. If you hire a guide, you will be able to see sand dunes and heathlands.



One of the reasons why Amsterdam is so famous is because of the art and café scene. If you travel a few miles further, however, you’ll end up in a quieter and less populated town. Haarlem is filled with artists, cafes, museums, and since there are less people, peace can be easily found. The Frans Hals Museum is particularly nice because it holds art from hundreds of local and talented artists.

West Frisian Islands

West Frisian Islands

Netherlands travel isn’t exactly known for its beaches, but it does have its own fair share of gorgeous shores. The West Frisian Islands are beautiful in that they are separated by some very shallow waters. During the low tide and with the help of a local guide, you can travel to each of them with relative ease. Visiting these islands can bring you a good sense of calm, which is very welcome for when you need to take some time off.

The Netherlands is a special place with a deep history and friendly people. if you ever wish to explore a different side of Europe, then you’ll no doubt enjoy exploring the northern part of the continent. Make sure to plan and bring a friend to make the most of your vacation to northern locales.

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