Travel Essentials During the New Normal

Travel Essentials

Most airports around the world right now aren’t fully operational yet. It means that until flights resume as normal, it’s best to stay home. You can eventually pursue your travel plans when things get better. If that time comes, you still have to be cautious. It starts with the items you pack in your bag. You need to add more to your usual travel essentials. 

Masks and hand sanitizers 

Masks and hand sanitizers

It seems like you need these two wherever you go. It’s even more important when you’re heading to a different country. Some places even have a nationwide mandate to use masks in public places. You will be in trouble if you don’t wear one. You also know by now that washing of hands regularly could help prevent the spread of the virus. In the absence of soap and water, hand sanitizers will suffice

Disinfectant wipes 

Some studies also suggest that the virus can survive in solid surfaces for hours. If you happen touch a surface and use the same hands to touch your face, you could get infected. It helps if you have a disinfectant wipe with you at all times. Wiping surfaces off would be easy to do. 

Laundry detergent 

There’s a chance that your masks can catch a virus. It blocks the virus from entering your body. The problem is that the virus could stick on the mask for a long time. After using the mask, you have to wash it. Without a travel detergent, it would be difficult. You can’t reuse a cloth mask unless you already washed it. 

Laundry zip bag

You need to have a zip bag where you can keep all your used clothes. Unless you have means of immediately washing the clothes you wore throughout the day, you have to isolate them from the rest of your clothes. A plastic zip bag would help. It prevents bacteria and viruses that got stuck in the clothes to spread inside your travel bag. 

Medical certificate 

Right now, some countries have a medical certificate as a requirement for people traveling to another country. Without one, passengers can be refused boarding. It means that you might have to schedule a trip to the doctor to get a certificate before traveling. You might even have to request for a covid-19 test and be cleared. This rule could stay for a while and you have no choice but to oblige. 

Traveling will never be the same after this pandemic. It might be terrible and less comfortable, but you have to follow the rules. Otherwise, you can just stay home and keep safe. Wait for a few more months before planning an international trip. You have no choice since several people got infected during a flight. Governments around the world are more cautious and these requirements are there to keep everyone safe. 

Don’t let this pandemic stop you from seeing the world. Tourism is still viable, and it’s a sad world of people don’t get the chance to travel. It’s riskier in the future, but you shouldn’t stop yourself. 

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