Travel Safety Tips – Don’t Be a Victim of Theft. You Should Follow Tip Number 4!

travel safety tipsSome of the things that you expect to see and experience when traveling are amazing sceneries, fun activities, new cultures, local traditions and sumptuous foods. However, it also comes with risks.

What risks am I talking about? While a lot of things can go wrong on your travel, one very pressing issue that I’d like to emphasize is theft.

With the advancement of technology, it’s not just your personal belongings that can be stolen, but your personal information too. There are things that you can do to safeguard your properties and identity.

1.) Always Be Vigilant

Thieves can strike anytime. It’s important to always be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. Avoid walking in dark places and go somewhere, where you can be safe if you see anything suspicious. If sitting next to people you don’t know, move every now and then to distract anyone who might be planning on stealing from you.

2.) Keep a Low Profile

Wear expensive clothing and flashy jewelries, and carry state of the art devices while walking on the streets and you’ll surely get people’s attention. The bad news is that you’re attracting all kinds of people, including the bad guys. You’ll be an easy target if you don’t keep a low profile.

3.) Leave Valuable Items that are Not Necessary for Travel

When packing your things for your trip, bring only the essentials. Aside from avoiding extra charges that you may incur if you go over your luggage weight limit, this will also keep your valuables safe at home. As long as your storage is properly secured, there’s no need to worry about losing these items during your travel.

4.) Secure Bags with TSA Approved Locks

Using TSA approved locks do not make your bags 100% theft proof. However, they are safer than regular locks as they are more difficult to open.

5.) Learn the Language

Before you travel, try to learn the language of the country you’re visiting. Study some basic greetings and sentences that you can use in conversing with the locals, like asking for direction or price. This will make it easier for you to blend with the people. If you know the language, they would think that you’ve been in the country for quite some time and you’re already aware of the bad practices.

6.) Use Special Accessories for Concealing Money

These accessories are specially designed for concealing money or valuables, so you can carry them around without being noticed by others. Some of these accessories include the undercover belt, undercover wallet and hidden pocket. Thieves wouldn’t suspect that you have your cash or important items hidden in these things.

7.) Keep Money in Different Storages

Don’t bring all your money when you go out. Leave some in your hotel room, but make sure that it’s kept safely. Avoid putting all your cash and credit cards in one wallet too. In case a wallet is stolen, you would still have something left in your pocket.

8.) Don’t Get Drunk

Avoid getting drunkIt’s very tempting to drink the night away. After all, you’re there to have fun. However, you’re also giving thieves the opportunity to steal from you. Your guard will be down when you’re drunk. You will also not be able to think clearly or even protect yourself, in case someone attacks you. It’s better to be safe than sorry. So make sure to drink moderately.

9.) Use Another Wallet

Pickpocketing is very rampant in various countries and the tourists are common targets. The pickpockets usually focus on parts where wallets are often placed, including the back pocket of the jeans. Instead of putting your regular wallet there, place another wallet filled with fake or expired credit cards and a small amount of cash. In case you become a victim of these pickpockets, they will get the other wallet and not the regular one.

10.) Don’t Leave Things Lying Around Your Hotel Room

Just because you left your hotel room locked already means that it’s safe to leave your things lying around. These rooms come with duplicate keys. If they go in the wrong hands, you might end up losing your things. So always keep your things secured, even when inside the hotel room. If it comes with a safe, use it to store your valuables.

11.) Avoid Using a Public Computer

If it’s possible, don’t use a public computer on your trip. The connection might be unsecured and the computers may have spyware installed that could steal your identity. In case it can’t be helped, make sure that you log out of your accounts and clear your browsing history. Change your passwords as soon as you get home and have access to your personal computer.

Keep these safety tips in mind to avoid losing your valuables so you can enjoy your travel to the fullest.

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