Travelling with Low Budget: 4 Alternatives to Saving Huge Amount of Money for a Trip Around the World

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Some people try to save travelling when they’re finally rich; when they’re ready to retire and have nothing left on the horizon except quiet days at home and a few recreational sports. While that’s all well and good, adventure doesn’t have to be about spending tons of cash. In fact, you can travel most of the world if you’re willing to compromise on some of your fantasies.

For instance; there’s no need to stay in the best hotels or resorts on your every trip. Aside from this, there are more ways on how you can go to different places without needing a fortune. Here are the 4 best methods that are sure to get you around the world.

1. HelpX, Workaway, and Working Abroad

Not a lot of people realize how easy it is to go around the world if you’re willing to get your hands dirty. There are many individuals are looking for a helping hand and the best part is that they’re willing to take in travellers. HelpX is a site where home owners and travellers go to and offer each other homes or services.

Working Abroad

Manual labor is usually the most common service required on the site, but there are many more jobs available. A farm in New Zealand may need an experienced gardener, or a dorm in Cairo may be looking for an IT expert. The jobs you take can vary, so just look around and search for a job you’re willing to do. However, before you sign up on the site, you have to remember that your airfare won’t be covered by your hosts; just your lodging, food, and maybe a little conversation.

2. Find All the Deals that You Can Muster

If you’re still lacking a bit of funds when it comes to your travel and accommodations, then there’s a solution for that too. There are a lot of discounts and deals available both locally and internationally, though you need a little bit of patience to find them. For example; certain airlines offer bonus points when you sign up for their special travelling packages, which collect air miles.

They might also offer you other bonus cards, which link to their partner stores. The easiest way to be updated with these deals is to subscribe to their mailing list. Often, they only send out offers when they have special package deals. As mentioned, sometimes they even reward you when you shop at their partner store.

3. Consider a Temporary Work Stay in Another Country

The last option on this list may be a little extreme, but it might actually bring you a few benefits. Sometimes, home doesn’t feel fun anymore, and when that happens, work can feel very tedious. If you’re one of these people, then why don’t you consider emigration?

There are many job vacancies around the world for different professions. However, if you’re less willing to uproot your life, then there are also temporary jobs you can turn to. Everything from seasonal work, to bar tending, farm hand, and even as a tour guide; there’s a huge number of jobs you can take to travel around the world.

4. Teaching English

Since English is one of the major languages spoken around the world, the need for native English speakers is never ending. Most of the time, however, these offers are more common in Asian countries. So if you want to visit places like Korea, Taiwan, or Singapore, then this is your chance.

Teaching EnglishOf course, teaching English isn’t as easy as it seems. You have to be very proficient at the language and you’ll also need to study structure and grammar. It’ll take a little more effort than you think, but overall, it might be worth your trouble.

While these 4 methods may seem like they need a ton of work to pull off, you have to remember that these are extremely budgeted ideas. However, they can also expose you to local culture, and immersion is always a great way to learn about another country. Think long and hard before trying to explore the world. Just know that these paths can bring you to a totally different adventure.

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