Visit These Countries and be a Volunteer While You’re There


Volunteering and traveling at the same time is definitely worth your time. You allow yourself to enjoy new locations but also be of help to other people. You may be away from home or you have to miss work, but you know that you are doing something worthwhile. There are places that are definitely worth visiting. They need more volunteers like you who are willing to give time and effort without asking for anything in return.


This country is one of the poorest in the world. 40% of its people still live below the poverty line. Therefore, volunteering in Cameroon is such a great opportunity. Though there are not a lot of organized organizations in the country, you can still find some that are good enough. For instance, you can volunteer in a floating hospital ship where nurses and doctors provide medical help to people, especially in remote locations. During your free time, you may walk around the country and appreciate its diversity.



You might not necessarily think of a Western European country as a go to place if you wish to volunteer. After all, most of these countries are wealthy. Portugal also has other needs where you can be of help just like in agriculture. You can volunteer to work for organic farms. In a way, you can also learn from their practices and apply them as you go back to your country. Also, Portugal is a perfect site for a relaxing vacation. Given its UNESCO World Heritage sites and other jaw dropping sceneries, you would definitely want to go there now.


 After the peace agreement between the Colombian government and the rebels, Colombia is a much safer country to volunteer now. You can give your time to be of help for so many causes. This includes teaching English, providing basic skills for children, or providing medical help to people in remote areas. Of course, you may also learn salsa and improve your Spanish while you are in the country. Colombians are also generally happy people and this is infectious.


One of the most important projects that you can volunteer to when you are in Greece is the sea turtle conservation project. You can help raise awareness on the importance of these animals. When you are not at work, you can roam around this historic country and appreciate its sheer beauty. Greece is considered a paradise to so many travelers.


Though some people are afraid to visit Egypt lately due to political instability, it is still a good place for you to volunteer. You can teach English, help in community projects or simply provide a better understanding on the diverse cultures of the world. Since Egypt is a historic country and one of the oldest civilizations in the world, you need no convincing to go there now.


This Central Asian country is one of the poorest in the world, and is definitely in need of help. You can spend your time volunteering for various causes, especially in helping those who live below the poverty line. There are street kids who need help to get out of their situation. Also, Mongolia is a country which is yet to be explored. You can go to a lot of places where most people in this world have not even stepped foot to.

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