You Cant Pack These Things in Your Checked-in Luggage

Checked-in Luggage

You need to be careful when packing the things you are bringing with you on the plane. You already know that some of the items are not allowed. You will be asked to remove them from your bag for security reasons. There are other items that might get damaged when you decide to check them in. Therefore, you need to either place them in your carry-on luggage or decide to leave them at home.


You dont even need to wear expensive jewelry when traveling. If you are heading to a special event where you need to wear one, you can bring a piece of two and place it in your purse. Jewelry is technically not banned from your checked-in luggage. However, you need to imagine if the airline mishandled your bag and lost it. Airlines usually cant bring your bag back. If they cant, they will pay you a minimum amount, and it wont even begin to cover the cost of the missing jewelry. Any other valuable for that matter should also be avoided.

Travel documents

All the necessary documents for traveling must be with you all the time. You dont know when you will be asked to show them to the authorities for checking. You can buy a folder or a container where you can have all these documents. Dont forget to have a photocopy of all these documents or an electronic version in case you lose all the original documents.

Cash and credit cards

Just bring your wallet with you. Dont try hiding some in your checked-in luggage. Again, you wont know if the airline will handle your luggage well. You cant tell them that you have a specific amount in your bag and force them to reimburse you. Another idea is to have some money in your wallet while you keep some in your pocket or other areas in your bag in case you lose the wallet.

Electronic devices

Have you seen how airport staff handles your luggage? They could easily throw them away as they pass one luggage to another person. Imagine if you have your expensive gadgets inside. You will instantly regret putting them in your checked-in luggage.


All of your clothes

Again, in the event that the airline loses your luggage, you dont want to be wearing the same clothes. In worse instances, it could take days before they can get your luggage back (or not at all). You would rather keep some clothes in your carry-on bag to be safe.


You wont know when something could go wrong. In case you get sick, it is good to have these medicines available. You also need to bring the prescription with you so that you dont have to explain why you are carrying such a huge amount of pills in your bag. If you are taking medical marijuana, you need to know the restrictions in the state that you are visiting to avoid getting yourself in trouble.

Just remember these tips when packing and you will be fine.

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