Here’s What You Should Do When Your Luggage Did Not Arrive on Destination

Luggage Did Not Arrive

You might have traveled a really long distance. The only thing you want to do is pick up your stuff at the luggage belt and leave. Sadly, when everyone else has left the belt, you have realized that yours didn’t arrive. This is such a huge hassle. You will be stressed beyond compare.

As you try approaching ground personnel, you will be informed that it would take time for your luggage to arrive. They might not even be able to locate it. Some would offer a payment for the luggage content, but not the exact amount that you would have hoped for.

This is a common issue among airlines across various airports around the world. Mishandled bags are a huge deal and they always end up getting lost somewhere. Although the number has dropped in recent years, this horrible experience could still happen. There are things you can do to deal with it.

The baggage might be delayed

Don’t freak out just because your luggage was lost. It is possible that it was just misplaced during the delivery and it entered other belts. It is also possible that it was left at the previous airport where you have boarded. Inform a staff right away to check other belts and the airport where you came from. You will then be informed when the luggage will arrive. At this point, stressing out won’t help. Just wait for the call and proceed to your hotel.

The airlines will cover for you

If the luggage was found but would take days to arrive, you just have to let them know where to deliver the luggage. You might also get it back at the airport when you are already leaving. Since you don’t have anything with you yet, they will help cover for your basic needs. Try negotiating with them so you reduce the overall cost as much as possible.

Lost luggage

Lost Luggage

There are instances when the luggage is actually lost. After 5-30 days of search and no luggage turned up, it will be marked as definitely lost. At this point, you are allowed to get a loss claim amount. It can reach up to $3,500. The amount will be under negotiation with the airlines. There are even a lot of pending cases right now since some people decided to sue the airlines up until they have reached a deal.

A few tips

There is nothing that you can do to prevent this problem. The least that you can do is to minimize the effects. To begin with, don’t include expensive items like electronic devices and jewelry. Given how little the amount to be refunded to you is, don’t risk these valuable items. You should also mark your luggage properly. If you notice, each time your luggage is checked-in, a sticker is placed on it. This indicates the destination. Remove stickers from previous flights to avoid confusion.

Travel will always be stressful whether you like it or not. Just focus on the fun aspects and find a way to minimize the impact of other problems.

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