5 Ways to Avoid Using Social Media and Fully Enjoy Your Next Trip


Do you remember the times when you enjoy traveling to different places without being bothered by social media? You might not even have a phone back then to be busier with taking pictures instead of simply appreciating the places you visit. You can still go back to those days even if you can easily access the internet in today’s time. It is hard, but you can always find a way to resist the temptation of getting your phone and posting photos in social media.

Turn off your notifications

This is the easiest way to be away from the rest of the world. The problem when your notification is on is that you will easily read it and forget about traveling. You might be tempted to finish a pending task or respond to a friend, ending up with really long chats.

Bring an old-fashioned camera

If you think that those cameras with films no longer exist, you are wrong. In fact, they are still around and they are the perfect partner for your next travel. The best part about using them is that you won’t be tempted to go online and post them. You would even have to wait until you get back home before you see the actual photos. Even digital cameras these days can already access the internet. Therefore, you could not trust yourself with those too.

Use your phone to take photos but don’t post them

If you can’t find an old-fashioned camera, then use your phone. However, you must see to it that you don’t use any other function aside from the camera. You may even delete all the apps that you have installed so you won’t be tempted to go online and use them. Don’t worry about not being able to update your friends what you have been doing. They are not interested to know about it either.

Write a diary


Instead of posting everything online, why don’t you start writing your experience using a pen and a notebook and keep it to yourself? It would be a lot better. You can share whatever you want without worrying that someone will be able to read it. You also don’t have to worry about the negative thoughts since it is your personal diary after all.

Don’t connect to the internet

If possible, find a hotel where there is no readily available WiFi connection. You should also not buy a local sim so you won’t have 3G connections. You just have to enjoy everything without the internet. Don’t think it’s impossible. This is how traveling looks like in the past and people have survived.

There is no reason to be online at all times especially when you are out there to travel. The goal is to enjoy the places you visit and have fun. Social media can wait. In fact, you don’t even have to post everything online. You can start doing this until such time that you will no longer panic if you arrive at a place where there is no internet connection.

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