Arguments in Favor of Not Researching Much About Your Next Travel Destination

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Before most people decide to visit a destination, they make sure that they know everything about the place. They read reviews online, ask people who have been to that place, and reserve everything ahead of time. Being prepared for this trip is important if you want it to be hassle-free.

However, there are also benefits in not researching about a travel destination first before you go there. You might find it weird at first, but it could actually work for you. These are some arguments that will convince you to not research much about the travel destination.

You want to be surprised

The reason why you are traveling is because you want to explore new places. If you have already read everything about that place before your trip, you will not be surprised anymore. You know how it looks like and there is nothing new that would excite you. If you limit your research, your arrival in the place is also your first time to see everything.

Getting lost could be a good thing

unplanned trip

Although you want your trip to be hassle-free, there are also some benefits that come with an unplanned trip. When you get lost, you will find a way to return to your hotel. You will meet new people whom you can ask questions from. You will see places you would not have seen if you followed a straight path. Most of all, you will feel proud that you have solved this major problem. If you visit another place in the future and you get lost, you wont feel worried anymore.

You will immerse in local culture

When you research about the place, you will most likely visit the places that are popular. However, these places do not necessarily reflect the best things about the place. If you try not to research and immerse with the local culture, your experience will be richer and more satisfying. You will learn new things and values that you will carry with you forever.

There could be other options

As you start researching about the place, you will know where to stay, where to eat, and what to do. Those who have been to these places will recommend these things to you. However, they might have overlooked other choices. There could be a budget hotel which is still convenient but a lot cheaper. There could also be a restaurant which is a hit among locals, but not for visitors. You will have the chance to explore these choices when you dont only rely on your research.

It does not mean that you will not research anything at all. You still have to prepare well before heading to your destination. The only thing you need to avoid is planning everything down to the smallest dot. The trip could be stress-free, but it is not as enjoyable as you would have hoped. It feels like you already know everything before you even arrive at that place and it kills the excitement.

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