The Best Power Solutions for Travelers

Power Solutions

As any traveler would know, one of the most annoying things would be having battery problems for your devices. Not only does it slow you down, but it will make you miss important calls or the chance to take candid shots. But with these power solutions, you never have to worry about your devices again:

Portable Solar Charger

Solar Panel

As travelers would know, electrical outlets are not always available. But because it is important to keep in touch with your loved ones, one sure way to keep all your gadgets and devices charged at all times would be through the use of a portable solar charger. They are usually just about the size of an iPhone. So they are quite easy to carry around. Just clip it to your bag and it will start storing up energy from the rays of the sun. You can easily attach your smart phone, mp3 player or small gadgets and your devices will charge while you are on the go. These batteries usually charge up to 500 times. A nifty item to have around, this is perfect for travelers who are hopping from one destination to another.

Device-Charging Bag

Bags are no longer simply used for carrying your stuff. There are now bags available in the market, which are multi-purposed. Not only can you carry your travel gear, but there are bags now will allow you to even charge your devices while traveling. Device-charging bags usually have a battery system which is built-in, allowing you to charge your devices. Just make sure to charge the backpack’s battery, which is usually about 6000mAh. Two hours of charging should do the trick. Then you can charge up to four devices, all the same time. These bags usually come with connectors for Apple devices, Mini-USBs and Micro-USBs. Now you do not need to buy a separate bag for your laptop. Just get this kind of bag and place all your devices in it without having to worry about battery life.

Mini External Battery Pack

Should your battery pack run out, there are mini external battery packs sold separately. These battery packs are usually of high-capacity and can charge two devices at a time. Some external battery packs can even be charged over and over up to a thousand times, making it perfect for people who are constantly on the go.

Multi-device Charger

Multi Device Charger

One problem a lot of travelers face would be having to charge multiple devices. As most travelers would be carrying a laptop, one phone and one camera, it is not possible to charge them all at the same time. If you are rushing with time, then chances are you will not be able to charge some of your devices. But all these can be avoided with a charger that can handle multiple devices. With a single power cord, this multi-device charger will allow you to charge up to four to six devices. This is perfect for those who have many devices and are always in a hurry. This gadget will allow you to get your charging requirements done effectively and efficiently.

Laptop Travel Charger with USB Port

For those who need to do work while traveling, this gadget will come in handy. As it allows you to charge both your phone and laptop at the same time, you will be able to finish work efficiently. Usually accompanied by a USB fast charger which is detachable, this will let you charge more than one device at a time. Some of these travel chargers even come with built-in surge protection. If you like to travel on the road, get an auto adapter that will allow you to charge while plugged into your automobile’s socket for cigarette lights. Make sure to also get the connector tips which are applicable to your devices so you can make the most of this travel charger.

With these charging devices, you will never need to worry about missing a call, not being able to take a photo of your trip or failing to check an email from work. You will always be in contact with your loved ones and updated when it comes to work related matters.

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