Breastfeeding While Travelling? Here are Expert Tips That Would Make It a Breeze

Mom and Baby

Being a full time breastfeeding mom and travelling don’t seem to go together right? With all the effort and most of the time, privacy you need in order to provide your baby the nutrition he needs, you would rather stay at home and give up the R&R brought about by travel. Yes, being a mom entails a lot of sacrifices. But you know what? Travelling and breastfeeding can go together too. It may not be as convenient and comfortable, but really, you can enjoy it too. Give yourself a favor and go travel with your cutie baby. Here are a few tips and advices on how to travel while breastfeeding your baby and overcome potential obstacles that you may encounter.

Plan Well Before the Travel Date

Preparation is the key. You will find it easier if you condition your mind, body and vehicle for the upcoming trip. If you are travelling by land, making sure that the car/van has an ample space for you and the baby. If by plane, you may consider booking a seat and calling the airline to give you one that is suitable for a mom carrying an infant/toddler for additional space and privacy.

Make Sure You Do Not Make Yourself Hungry

Long travels can make you hungry, what more if you are breastfeeding? You are literally eating for two! You can bring healthy snacks you can munch while on the road will really help. Or, be aware of the stop overs where you can nurse your baby, get some rest, stretch and grab your meals. Also, breastfeeding can really make you thirsty, so load up that cooler with water and juices!

Wear Light, Loose and Comfortable Clothes

Yes, you can still be fashionable while you travel with your baby, just choose the right clothes or nursing tops for you without sacrificing comfort while you feed. Also, keep a small bag at arm’s length so you can grab a change of clothes and nappy for those clean up times.

Bring Toys for the Baby to Keep Him Busy

Baby Toys

Depending on the age of your baby, bring toys for them to play with during the travel. Bring along familiar toys and even new ones that can entertain him. Also, gadgets like iPad or a smart phone can also do the work as you sing and watch together his favorite nursery rhymes or cartoons, but in moderation, of course.

Remember that when you are comfortable, the baby is comfortable anytime, anywhere. If you are travelling with friends and family, make sure that they know of your plan to breastfeed the baby so you can have your privacy while you are nursing especially at the hotel or if you are staying with relatives, they would understand that you need extra space and privacy especially at night.

Travelling is one form of relaxation and it really can be done with your baby. Your little prince or princess won’t stay little and won’t be needing to nurse from you forever, so enjoy it while it last. Happy travels!

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