Here are Other Gorgeous Greek Islands to Visit Other Than Santorini

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Santorini is undoubtedly one of the best islands in the world. Greece’s economy is dependent on the number of tourists in the country and Santorini is one of the biggest attractions. Every year, around 2 million travelers head to Santorini just to see how gorgeous it is and also tick off something from their bucket list.

Aside from Santorini, there are a lot of other Greek islands that are worth visiting. If you have been to Greece before and you want a different experience this time, try visiting these lovely islands.


One of the most unique experiences you will get from visiting this island is seeing traditional Greek villages. Aside from the tall mountains and lovely sceneries, you will also get the chance to experience the rich history and culture of the locals.

You should head to Pigadia which is the main port of the island. You will then see some historical monuments that will teach you a lot about Greek history. The impressive architecture in the area is something to watch for. The ruins of the Basilica of Agia Foteini could also be an attraction that is worth your time.

Of course, there are beaches where you can just head to and enjoy the sun. There are even secluded beaches in the island if you want privacy. If you don’t have enough time, take a boat tour around the island and see some of the most amazing sites.



This is a very diverse island with a lot to offer. From the calm and deep waters to the wild forest, this island has everything that you want in an outdoor adventure. If you are into animals, you would love this island. Taking care of endangered species is one of the island’s legacies.

You may also take a tour around the city where you will find some of the most interesting sites like the Solomos Square, Museum of Zante and the Aghios Markos Square. All of them have historical significance and are worth visiting. Some sites have even been around for centuries.


The volcanic activity in the island is the reason why a lot of people love visiting the place. The gorgeous landscapes are totally out of this world. The shapes of rocks and how they have formed over the years are also a sight to behold. Of course, they have white sand beaches and other colorful spectacles. This island is significant in a sense that some of the most ancient mines were done here.

With over 80 lovely beaches for you to choose from each offering something different from the others, this is the perfect island for your next visit. You should also not miss out on the rocky caves and the mysterious catacombs that are all over the place.

Greece definitely has a lot to offer. There is no more question why the country remains a popular tourist destination. It may not be a really huge country, but it is such an amazing location. A week of stay is definitely not enough if you want to explore the best of Greece.

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