The Top Vacation Spots in the Middle East and Africa

Dubai, UAE

While there parts of the Middle East are torn with war and conflict, the place’s beauty remains almost unaffected. Planning a vacation to Middle Eastern locales isn’t that difficult, and it finding the right place might actually give you that special feeling of newness. While you will be surrounded by desert most of the time, the surprise here is that the Middle East has very diverse landscapes. There are beaches, forests, deserts, and very opulent cities which can visit on the fly. So, which places are the most grand to explore? Well, if you’re interested in travelling to the land that inspired countless films and writers, then here are the top Middle Eastern locales..

Dubai, UAE

Dubai’s one of the richest nations in the world, and they’re not afraid to show it off. They constantly try to one up other nations when it comes to world records and generally how they built up their city. In Dubai, there are thousands of things to do besides look at how many people own a Veyron Bugatti. Dune buggy rides are the most common means through which you can explore the sand dunes around the city. You can also visit the first artificially made island; it’s a marvel of human engineering and persistence.

Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira, Morocco

If you’re in the mood for surfing, sun and sandy beaches, then this port town offers you exactly that, along with something a little more special. This town remained relatively the same since the 20’s meaning the architecture is gorgeous and influenced by numerous different cultures. At the same time, Essaouria is great for the honey mooning couple looking to enjoy private vacation spots away from home.

Lamu Island, Kenya

Kenya’s been known for many different things, but one first glance, you might think that beaches and Kenya don’t mix. That is an unfortunate misconception because Lamu Island is one of the most gorgeous locales you can visit when in Africa. You can learn a lot about the Swahili culture because the island is one of the last remaining sanctuaries for the Swahili people. Shela beach also has gorgeous white sand surrounded by a very blue ocean.

Dahab, Egypt

Egypt’s still suffering a bit of unrest but that’s slowly starting to settle as time goes by. So, this vacation spot might be a little better in the near future. Once you can, however, Dahab is one grand beach that you’re sure to enjoy. A lot of locals offer diving and windsurfing lessons because the weather conditions there are almost always perfect. One particular beach in Dahab is surrounded by hills, and that makes for a gorgeous site during sunsets and sunrises.

Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem is important to many different cultures and is considered the heart of three major religions. There are mosques, churches, and temples everywhere so talking about religion here can be a little tricky. However, the sites to see are amazing. You can walk up the same path Jesus Christ moved through before he was crucified. If you’re religious, then you can hire a guide to learn about the diverse and long history that Jerusalem has.

Doha, Qatar

While Dubai still holds the title for the most beautiful city in the Middle East, Doha is slowly starting to catch up. Large skyscrapers are being built, making the skyline something special to look upon. You may even find a job opportunity here because of the numerous industries rising up in the city.

Luxor, Egypt

While visiting beaches and cities are nice, culture is always important. The past can teach you a lot about life right now, but learning about Egypt can lead you to some awesome sights. Luxor holds the Valley of Kings along with other important historical locales. They even offer special hot air balloon trips for those that enjoy and eagle eye view of the ancient city.

So, what’s your flavor? Would you like to see the New York of Middle Eastern locales? Maybe swim in the Dead Sea? Head on over to the Middle East where you can experience the unique flavor hidden among the sand dunes. Make sure to plan ahead, and just in case, look up the level of safety afforded to tourists. There’s still real danger in Egypt, so taking a cautious approach would be wise.

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