The Top Religious Pilgrimage Trips

The Holy Lands

Faith is one very unique facet of humanity and its collective culture. No matter where you go, people have always had a certain religion to subscribe to. Over time, however, many of these religions have changed or were forgotten by the wayside. However, progress ensured that over the years we would be able to remember the important places, the pilgrimage sites which bear symbolic weight. So, if you’re interested in looking for a pilgrimage, why not start with these few sites that are sure to remind you of your faith.

Camino De Santiago, Spain

In terms of lengthy pilgrimage sites, Camino De Santiago is a relatively easy trip. The difference here is that the path is filled with monasteries which provide people rooms for a small donation in exchange. After visiting all the important land marks around Camino De Santiago, the pilgrimage terminates at the Santiago De Compostela, where St.James is interred. One drawback to this site is that you have to own a religious passport in order to avail the offers of shelter from the monasteries.

The Holy Lands

Scale is what really defines this pilgrimage site, and that’s because it spans across different nations. For example, the Sinai region covers most of the land the Hebrews were lost in for 40 years. Western Jordan is where Moses spotted the Promised Land and where Jesus was baptized as well. There are a number of trips offered to Christian and Jewish pilgrims who are looking to get back in touch with their faith. Be warned, however, because of the shaky relations between Syria and Israel, it can be hard to find safe passage through Palestine. A majority of the most important events in history happened in Israel and Palestine.

Armagh, Ireland

Armagh is important to the Christian faith because of its age. The region holds some of the oldest Christian churches. Here is where the tribes of the north slowly learned about a new religion and Gods outside of the pagan pantheon. As they accepted Christianity, churches and Armagh holds one of the oldest churches. The pilgrimage starts off here, passes through Dublin, and ends in Lourdes. It’s a brilliant way to explore the northern parts of the UK.

Ganjes, India

The Gang Ma, or the Mother Ganges, is a great and long river. However, when people think of the River, they can only imagine the long body of water which runs through India. Gang ma actually passes through the Himalayas terminating in an open sea. Many people travel along the banks of the river because of what it represents to those who live there. It’s a pure expression of Mother Nature supporting life all throughout the region. While you may not submit to the faith, it’s still a gorgeous trip through a bracingly beautiful location of faith.

The Golden Temple, Amritsar

While The Golden City isn’t open to everyone, you can watch the pilgrims as they make their way through a rare and ancient temple. The Sikh religion is an old one and elegant one, but it’s also practiced only by a few thousand people. It’s a truly a wonder when you see these devout people gather in recognition of holidays. Valsakhi is a particularly nice time to view the event as it comes along.

St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the most important religious sites and pilgrimages in the Christian faith simply because this is where St. Peter was interred.  This isn’t necessarily a pilgrimage as there is only one location to go to. However, Vatican City takes great pains to accommodate the devout millions who visit the capital of Christianity.



People who are not subscribed to the Islamic faith will be barred from the many stops through this religious site, but it’s still worth it just the same. Much luck St. Peter’s Basilica, the pilgrimage attracts millions of practitioners and asks them to travel a very great length to visit a very special place which hasn’t allowed photographers and videographers access until only recently.

It’s very important to note that you should treat these places and their people with respect. Each religion is unique, and while most share similar ideals, it’s the details of each religion which make them beautiful and special. Who knows? You may find a special place on one of these longs pilgrimages.

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