What Can Go Wrong with Your Trip? Prepare for the Unexpected

Image courtesy of Thaikrit /

Image courtesy of Thaikrit /

Trips are exciting and fun. But this doesn’t mean that they do not come with risks. What’s supposed to be a fantastic time could turn into a disaster in a snap. This is why it’s important to be aware of the things that could possibly go wrong with your travel.

It’s not that you are waiting for it to happen, but this is to prepare you so you would know what to do just in case. Furthermore, if you know the possible problems that you could face, you could find a way to prevent them from happening in the first place; though this may not apply to all as you may not have control of everything like the changing weather.

  • Changing Weather

Speaking of changing weather, it’s best to get a heads up on the weather of the place you are going. A quick search online would tell you the information you need. It may be warm and sunny in your place, but freezing on your destination. With this, you can decide if you wish to proceed with the travel and if you do, you could bring the appropriate clothing with you.

  • Congested Traffic

A heavy traffic can be annoying. It’s a waste of time and gasoline. You could save yourself from this frustration by taking another route. So before you go on a trip, familiarize yourself with the alternate routes that you can take. Bring a map with you for reference too. If the distance of one route is a bit farther than the road you are supposed to take, you may still be able to get to your destination faster if the traffic on the other road is that bad.

Image courtesy of samarttiw/

Image courtesy of samarttiw/

  • Cancelled Flights

If travelling by airplane, there’s always the possibility of flights being cancelled for various reasons like bad weather. Since you really cannot do anything if the flight is cancelled, it’s a good practice to confirm about your flight a day before your trip or before you go to the airport, especially if travelling from a distance. This would save you the hassle of having to wait or even sleep in the airport.

  • Car Breakdown

This is one of the most common things that could happen if going on a trip by land. Have your vehicle checked by a reputable auto mechanic to ensure that it’s in perfect condition. Make sure that your tank is full too. Bring basic tools that you would need in case your car breaks down. A fully charged cellphone is also important so you can call for help.

  • Road Accident

To prevent road accidents, have a complete rest before the trip. Being tired or sleepy while driving can put your safety at risk. As you may already know, driving under the influence is also a No-No. Focus on the road and avoid texting or making calls. If it’s very important that you must answer the text or call, park somewhere safe.

If you were involved in a road accident, call for immediate medical assistance if someone is badly hurt. If it is a minor accident, call the police, as well as your insurance provider. This is why it is important to save emergency numbers on your phone.

  • Lost Passport and Documents

 Before travelling, have a copy of your passport and important documents emailed to yourself. In case you ever lose them in your trip, those copies would be extremely helpful. If you find yourself in this situation, contact the closest embassy or consulate of your country.

 To prevent this from happening, be extra careful on where you secure your passports and documents. A belt bag or something that you can conveniently carry as close to your body would be a good option. If possible, wear the bag inside your clothing.

  • Stolen Credit Cards and Cash

 Sadly, many travelers are victims of this. Like your passports and documents, place them somewhere safe and away from prying eyes. But if this happens to you, report to the police immediately. Call your bank and credit card company to have your cards hold and maybe ask for money to be wired to you through money delivery services.

  • Get Sick

Image courtesy of stockimages /

Image courtesy of stockimages /

Getting sick on your most awaited trip is something that you do not want to experience. Getting the appropriate vaccinations is one way to prevent it. It’s also important to get a comprehensive travel insurance coverage to get the assistance you need.

We all wish for trips to be safe and fun. But if these unexpected things ever happen, you would know what to do with the help of this guide. If you have other travel tips, share them as we’d love to hear them.