Can Vaccine Passports Help Restart Tourism?

Vaccine Passports

The use of vaccine passports is a divisive topic. Some people think it will encourage more people to get vaccinated. Others believe it could lead to discrimination. The idea is when more people have been vaccinated, lives will get back to normal. It could even help restart the tourism industry. Should countries enforce a vaccine passport?

Vaccination is the only way out

Vaccination is the only way out

Several researches revealed that all other restrictions to fight the virus aren’t as effective as vaccinations. When a huge percentage of the population got vaccinated, cases will drastically drop. The problem is the number of people who are skeptical with the vaccines. In most Western countries, there’s a huge supply of vaccines, but many people hesitate to take one. In other places, the supply couldn’t meet the demand. The best scenario is when there’s enough supply and most people are willing to get the shots. After reaching herd immunity, the virus will be under control.

Vaccine passports can help motivate people

Given the usefulness of the vaccine, issuing passports to vaccinated people makes sense. It encourages them to get the shots. Since the lockdown, tourism died. Everyone is afraid to leave their homes. The restrictions also made it harder for people to travel. Some countries allow people to enter provided that they present a negative test or go through a long quarantine. If the vaccine passports is an alternative to avoid restrictions, it helps motivate more people. 

Prevent fake vaccine passports

Another issues with the use of vaccine passports is the possibility of issuing fake passports. It’s easy to have one from the black market. There should be features on the passport that distinguish it from the fake ones. 

It’s not only for tourism

The reason why several governments have tight restrictions is to protect the citizens. For the past months, the tourism industry became the biggest victim. However, it’s a trade-off that countries were willing to take to prevent the skyrocketing of cases. Therefore, accepting vaccinated visitors isn’t only useful for restarting tourism. It also guarantees that everyone is safe. There’s no point in having a thriving tourism industry if locals will be infected. 

It remains a divisive issue

There are tons of reasons to issue a vaccine passport, but there are also reasons to go against it. Since it essentially forces people to be injected with something they’re not comfortable with, it could be morally wrong. 

If there are other ways to encourage more people to get the vaccine without forcing them, it would be great. Until then, the use of vaccine passports should be on the table. Considering how relatively safe it is, most people shouldn’t hesitate to get it. 

The tourism industry is essentially dead, and the only way to help it get back to life is through vaccination. Let’s do our best to encourage people we know to get it. You can even set a rule that only your vaccinated friends can go with you on a trip. There are ways to motivate vaccination without making it a policy. 

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