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Pros and Cons of a “Vaccine Passport” for Tourism

As vaccines are beginning to roll out in different places across the world, it seems like we’re heading towards the end of the pandemic. While there are still logistical issues, things could get better soon. Eventually, places will start to reopen and people won’t have to shelter-in-place all the time. It’s also good news for

When is It Safe to Go on a Cruise Again?

It might just be an anecdote now, but when the coronavirus cases started to spread around the world, cruise liners were among the first to have an outbreak. It was so bad that the Diamond Princess Cruise even has its own tally of patients who tested positive next to other countries. Since then, the industry

How to Fund an Ambitious Plan to Travel the World

When you were younger, you always said that you planned to travel the world. It’s one of your lifetime dreams. However, as you get older, you realize that it’s not a realistic plan. It’s too ambitious, and you’re probably not going to have the chance to visit every country.  Although the chances are quite low,

Ways to Minimize Anxiety Before Going on a Trip

For most people, traveling could be fun and exciting. It’s an opportunity to see the world and experience something new. However, even if there are plenty of reasons to be excited, you could also be anxious for a host of reasons. For instance, if you hate flying, it might make you feel anxious about traveling.

Why Do People Have “Expectations Versus Reality” Frustrations When Traveling?

It’s quite common for some people to feel disappointed when visiting some tourist destinations. The place didn’t match expectations and wasn’t as enticing as one would hope. There are plenty of reasons behind these “expectations versus reality” frustrations. You should understand them to avoid feeling the same way on your next trip.  Don’t believe everything

How to Make Your Travel Vlogs Stand Out

Back then, travel vlogs were made for fun. Travelers love sharing their experiences with others and also offer tips to those who wish to have the same experience. These days, though, travel vlogs are an excellent income source. Social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube pay vloggers who have tons of followers or subscribers.