Don’t Stop Yourself from Exploring Other Countries. Learn Ways To Conquer Your Fear of Flying Now!

Air Travel

It’s nice to travel around the country, but it’s also good to visit other countries as there’s so much to see, learn and do. If you have the time and money, why not do it? Even if you have the means, it may not happen if you’re afraid to fly.

We all have our different fears; and if flying is one of yours, this would prevent you from exploring other countries, since as you may know; it would require flying in an airplane. There are things that you can do to conquer this fear and here are some of them.

Know That Flying Is the Safest Means of Transportation

Any means of transportation come with a risk. However, according to statistics, there are more road accidents than there are airplane crashes. Did you know that the chance of someone dying in a plane crash is only 1 in 11 million, compared to a land vehicle, which is 1 in 5000!

If you’re scared of flying because of the risk of dying in a plane crash, remember that risks are part of life. You face risks in your day to day activities. It’s generally safe to fly and there’s a high probability that you’ll be making it to your destination safe and sound.

Get Information on What to Expect During the Flight

Sometimes, the fear comes from the fact that you don’t really know what to expect. Ask people who have already experienced flying about their experience. You may also read books or resources that would tell you what happens during take-off, while up in the air and on landing. This way, you can prepare yourself better, which can help lessen the anxiety.

Find Ways to Relax

There are different things that you can do to manage your anxiety like breathing exercises. You can do this during your flight to help you relax. Meditation is another way to conquer this fear. You may enroll in a meditation class to practice various techniques that you can use on your flight.

Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks too, especially before and during your flight as this can make you more nervous. Go to the airport early so you can walk around to calm your nerves. You may also check in early so you can familiarize yourself with the environment.

Don’t Read Much About Plane Accidents

You hear it on the radio, watch it on TV and read it in newspapers or on the web. It’s true that plane crashes happen. However, as mentioned, they rarely happen. Avoid reading about these types of news as it can worsen your fear. This would only prevent you from flying.

Bring Things That Would Distract You from Focusing on the Flight

Music Player

If you finally decide to face your fear and fly, it would help to bring things that would make you feel comfortable while on the airplane, as well as those that could take off your focus on the flight. You may bring your favorite blanket, stuffed toy or pillow with you so you would feel safe like you’re home.

Load your music player with songs you love so you can listen to them while on the flight. Other things that you can do are read your favorite books, play games or watch your favorite movies. These things can help distract you so you wouldn’t have to focus on your anxiety.

Enroll in a Course that Would Help You Overcome This Fear

There are courses being offered that would help you overcome the fear of flying. They usually have simulators that would make you feel like you’re on a real airplane. This could help you prepare yourself for the real thing. It could be a bit costly, but if you have the means, this is a great way to overcome your fear.

Consult a Doctor for Anxiety Medications

There are medications that you can take to help calm your nerves. Consult your doctor to get the right prescription. Make sure to follow the proper dosage and take it on the time given.

Get the Help of a Psychologist

You may also consult a psychologist that specializes in this area. Psychologists can help conquer different kinds of fears. However, picking one that is experienced in helping people with fear of flying would be the best choice for you.

It may seem difficult to overcome your fear of flying, but it’s possible. Start doing these things now to have the chance of visiting other countries and experiencing various cultures.

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