Jobs You can Get While on a Long Vacation Abroad

Job on Vacation

Whether you have a job back home that lets you stop working for months or you recently resigned from your job, traveling should be the next step. You can’t stay at home and waste the precious time given to you. Many people are struggling to have the opportunity to travel and you have it. Make the most of the opportunity.

The problem is you might not financially sustain this plan. Being in another country for a long time can be costly. If you still wish to pursue it, you must find a job to keep earning money. Here are the jobs you might want to consider.

Travel vlogging

Many people made money from vlogging their trips. If you’re good enough and you’re able to maintain people’s interest, you can make money from this endeavor. As long as you retain these views, your vlog can make you financially stable. You might even reach a point of resigning from your regular job because your vlog is more than enough to pay for your needs.

Teach English

If you’re a native speaker, you might want to be an English teacher. Several countries hire native speakers to do the job. As long as you have a degree, even unrelated to teaching, you can pursue this path. You don’t need to sign a long-term contract. If you’re done, you can always fly back home. You can also make good money depending on where you are.

Pursue online jobs

You can find tons of online jobs, including writing, editing, graphic designing, video editing, and many others. Since you do the tasks online, it doesn’t matter where you are. As long as you can finish the project on time, you’re good to go.


You travel to another country to party and meet with the locals. If you like making drinks and be in a party scene, you should try bartending. It lets you have fun while making money. Try gigs in fancy hotels or high-end bars. You make more money per hour and potential tips from guests.

Be a tour guide

Tour Guide

If you stay long enough in an area, you will know everything about it. From the best restaurants to the local transportation, you know every detail at the back of your head. Hence, it makes sense to pursue being a tour guide. If you know people back home who plan to visit the country where you currently are, offer your services. You can also offer a lower price than what regular guides will do. It’s even better if you’ve learned the local language. You can do a better job.

Given these options, you can finally make your lifelong dream of traveling the world happen. Your only issue is money and working while traveling is the answer. You can still go back home if you get exhausted or if you miss your family. Since you know how the process works, you can always get back to it. 

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