Don’t Sweat It: Patience is Key During Flight Delays

flight delays

How many times have you encountered a flight delay? This is totally inevitable. There are several reasons why your flight could end up getting delayed. There might be a mechanical issue on the plane that has to be fixed. It could be the weather. There are also booking issues that have to be resolved.

Whatever the reason is, going through such a delay can be frustrating. You are told to wait until your flight is back on without any assurance that it will go back any time. The ground staff could not answer your questions. You want to go out and head back to a hotel but you are afraid you will miss your flight. You don’t want to stay at the airport, but you have no choice since there is no announcement yet.

Generally, having delayed flights could be a stressful experience. People around you feel the same way. Everyone else is angry. There will be screaming and fighting all around. If this is the kind of situation that you are facing, it makes no sense at all for you to also get angry and be frustrated just like everyone else.

Stay calm and wait for announcements

In this difficult situation, the best that you can do is just stay calm and wait for further announcements. Getting angry will not help at all. Shouting at the ground staff will just make you both feel bad. It is not like they can turn the plane engine on and have the plane take off.

stay calm flight delays

Just stay close to the announcement area, don’t leave the gate where you are supposed to wait and make the most out of your time. Read a book, watch a movie or just observe the beauty of the airport. Take a deep breath and don’t imbibe the negative atmosphere around you.

Don’t keep making demands

Technically, airlines are supposed to give food stamps. In some cases, they should book you in a hotel if the flight is delayed for several hours. However, in really unexpected situations like natural disasters, airlines won’t be prepared to give in to these demands. You can complain to the ground staff and ask for these demands, but they can’t do anything. They are also waiting for signals from higher management just like you. You have the right to ask if you know your rights when you’ve booked the ticket. Just be prepared for the worst. You can either keep nagging or remain calm and hope for the best.

Stay positive

Eventually, your flight will be back up. If the airline is really problematic, they might have to fly in a new plane to take you to your destination. In the event of a storm, you just have to weather it out. Airports will be crowded so you better cancel the ticket or ask for a free rebooking to another date.

In short, flight delays are problems that are beyond your control or anyone on the ground for that matter. You just need to be positive and don’t let this experience make you feel stressed out. Surely, you will get another flight and reach your destination soon.

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