How to Make Your Travel Vlogs Stand Out

Travel Vlog

Back then, travel vlogs were made for fun. Travelers love sharing their experiences with others and also offer tips to those who wish to have the same experience. These days, though, travel vlogs are an excellent income source. Social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube pay vloggers who have tons of followers or subscribers. If you’re one of them, or you plan to be one, it’s challenging. Travel is already becoming a saturated market. You should find a way to stand out

Be an excellent narrator

Some people love watching travel vlogs because they want to get tips on how to visit different places. Others do it because they want to be entertained. As such, your personality matters. When you can narrate your experiences well, people would love watching more videos you upload. As long as you’re authentic, you can encourage more followers.

Find a niche

Although travel is already a niche, there are still specific categories within it. For instance, some people focus on what they eat during the trip. Others interview locals and immerse in local cultures. You can choose a specific area of interest and focus on it when filming during your trip. 

Look for lesser-known places or experiences

Look for lesser-known places or experiences

If you visit popular destinations, there’s a greater chance that someone else already made a vlog out of them. These videos were even more interesting and comprehensive. Coming up with a similar strategy won’t help. You should try to research the destination before going there. Look for lesser-known places and feature them. You can ask locals about destinations that not everyone knows about. Some of them might look simple and not interesting at first, but they could be exciting for some. 

Improve your skills in taking videos 

You might have great content, but your vlogs are terrible. People have a hard time understanding your content. The images are blurry. You also don’t focus on the important aspects of the trip. You have to improve your skills and learn at home before going on a trip. Find new techniques in making your vlogs more appealing. Invest in a new camera especially if you’re already earning money from your vlogs. It allows you to take sharper images that your target audiences would love. 

Be genuinely happy

When you start to make a living out of your travel vlogs, it doesn’t look as fun as it used to. You’re creating content because you have to, and not because you enjoy doing it. If you reached this point, you have to evaluate yourself. Go back to the time when you first made a vlog. Look at how genuinely happy you were. You should bring back that spirit. Even if you’re passionate about traveling, your videos won’t appear that way if you treat each trip as a job. Your most loyal followers will notice these changes and decide not to follow you anymore. 

You can do better with your vlogs and attract more people to view what you offer with these changes. 

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