Top Attractions to See in Pyeongchang After Watching the Olympics

Alpensia Sports Park

The winter Olympics is coming up and the beautiful city of Pyeongchang is hosting it. It will be the first time that South Korea is hosting the winter games. The city is considered the Alps of the East. You can expect a lot of wonderful sites in the city and you can visit them after watching your favorite games. Form Seoul, there are a lot of trains heading to Pyeongchang. It would only take less than an hour to reach there. While you’re there and you are still waiting to watch the games, here are some of the places you should visit.

Alpensia Sports Park

It is located at the highest altitude in Korea. It is covered in snow throughout winter and is a popular destination among skiers. It is also a place where you can enjoy fun outdoor activities like ski-jumping, cross-country skiing and golf.

Ski History Museum

For history buff out there, you should head to the museum where you will know more information about how winter sports started in Korea. Traditional Korean skiing equipment and other items can also be found in the museum. For general admission tickets, you can access the observatory and for special admission tickets, you can enter the ski jumping hill.

Jeong Gang Won (Korean Traditional Food Center)

This is a place to visit if you don’t just want to eat Korean food but to also try making them. Everything here is delicious as they were mostly made from scratch. Try their national dishes here like the kimchi and bibimbap as they are like no other. They also have accommodation facilities if you are staying for many days to learn traditional Korean cooking.

Woljeongsa Temple Stay

Woljeongsa Temple Stay

Before even heading to this temple, you can take the Seonjae Trail. It is a 0-kilomter trail that lets you see splendid and breathtaking views. This is the perfect location if you want to experience Buddhist practices that were around for thousands of years. For people who are on their path to healing and self-discovery, this the place to visit. There are a lot of opportunities for you to be one with nature. You can also join other activities like the tea ceremony, lantern making sessions, making prayer beads, Zen meditation and more. If you are on a quest for eat, pray, love moment, this is where you go just to pray. You don’t have to be a Buddhist to appreciate the beauty of this temple.

You are heading to Pyeongchang to enjoy the winter Olympics and support your country’s representatives. It could be a busy week for you if you really intend to make the most out of your Olympic experience. However, you should also not miss the chance to discover this lovely city. Schedule your local trips before or after the Olympics so that you won’t have to hurry up. You can really immerse in the local cultures and traditions and see Korea beyond just the games that the country is hosting.

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