How to Stay Calm During a Turbulent Flight

Turbulent Flight

For some people, flying can be an enjoyable experience. For others, traveling is fun, except when they have to be on the plane. One of the worst experiences when flying is turbulence. A turbulent flight rarely causes plane crashes, but it’s still bothering. Some people feel uneasy once their plane starts to terribly shake. If you’re one of them, these are some tips to help you stay calm.

Buckle up

Buckle up

You will only increase your chances of getting injured when you’re not in your seat and you don’t put on your seatbelt. Turbulence is normal when flying, and it’s usually harmless. However, if you’re not seated and you didn’t put your seatbelt on, it could be problematic. It’s the reason why the flight attendant makes an announcement to ensure that everyone goes back to their seats immediately, including those who are in the toilet.

Breathe in and out

You have to breathe in and out to calm yourself down. Try breathing in and hold your breath for seven seconds before blowing out a huge exhale. You can repeat the process several times until you start to calm down.

Have faith in your pilot

Your pilot trained for years before receiving a license to fly a commercial plane. These pilots have accumulated thousands of flying hours. Even junior pilots are experienced. They know how to navigate difficult weather conditions. They also have training on how to stay calm and focused even in the most delicate situations. Your pilot can handle the turbulence, and you shouldn’t fear it at all.

Think about how sturdy your plane is

Commercial planes are built to withstand turbulence. It’s also designed to survive a direct lightning hit. Some of these planes have been around for years, and they still remain in excellent condition. Cars are even riskier to drive and have caused more deaths over the years. Before planes fly, they are checked by several people, including engineers. If there are repair issues, your plane wouldn’t be allowed to fly. The moment it gets a go signal; it means that it’s safe. The crashes that happened in the past were also investigated and the results were used to improve the design of modern planes.

Keep yourself busy

You have to entertain yourself during a flight. Check if your plane has an in-flight entertainment system where you can watch movies and concerts. If not, you have to bring your laptop and phone. Make sure you are fully charged especially if it’s a long flight. You can also bring a book to read in case your phone shuts down. If you already run out of things to do, you should sleep. It’s the reason why you have make yourself exhausted so before and during the flight so you can sleep along the way. Once you’re asleep, you wouldn’t feel the turbulence anymore.

It takes a while to get used to the shaking of the plane. Even experienced travelers still fear turbulence at times. You need to relax and hope for the best.

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