Is It Good to Not Plan the Details of a Trip?

Not Planning Trip Details

There are instances when you don’t want to fully plan every detail of your trip. It’s either due to the lack of time or you’re too lazy to do it. For some people, not planning ahead would be terrible for the trip. However, there might also be some good things that will come out of your decision not to plan every detail of your trip.

You won’t know what will happen

When everything has already been planned, you already know what to expect. The trip becomes less exciting. However, if you don’t even have an itinerary, everything is up in the air. You’ll feel even more excited to continue the trip because you don’t know what’s going to happen next. It won’t be perfect, but it will still be fun and memorable.

You will learn from it

You will learn from it

The unplanned trip will most likely be far from perfect. It’s what makes everything more special. Even if you ended up committing mistakes, you will learn from them. The experience will teach you to become a better and more independent traveler in the future. When faced with similar situations, you already know what to do. You won’t panic anymore.

You will meet new people

When you planned every part of your trip, you don’t need anyone to help you. You already know which bus to take, or you might have even reserved a private car to take you to different places. You won’t get lost because you know the way to your destination. When you don’t plan the trip, you might have to talk to the locals and ask for help. It’s an exciting feeling if you can interact with people who can help you because you don’t have any other choice. In most places, a lot of them are willing to extend a hand. You just need to ask. You might even forge lifelong relationships after asking for help.

You can go any time

When you always make it a habit to plan every detail of your trip, some of them don’t end up happening. When you can’t plan well, you worry about what will happen. As a result, you decide not to pursue the trip at all. However, if you don’t plan anything, you will continue the trip regardless. Even if you only thought about going on the trip at night before, you will still make it happen. Your impulsiveness might not be a good quality, but in this regard, it’s useful.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t plan your trip at all. If you’re heading to a destination for the first time, it’s helpful if you learn parts of it. You might even avail of some discounts if you manage to prepare several months ahead. However, there’s no need to plan every single detail. You also want to have that feeling of surprise. You might feel worried at first, but you will love the experience. You will also have memorable stories to tell to other people about your travel experience.

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