Making Friends When Traveling Abroad is Possible

Making Friends

It’s understandable if you don’t like making friends when you’re in another country. You can barely make friends back home. It’s even worse when you’re somewhere else. You also remember what your parents have always told you which is to avoid talking to strangers. Since most of the people you meet in this journey are strangers, it’s difficult for you to trust them and establish friendship. 

Being on the side of caution is a good thing, but it shouldn’t prevent you from meeting people and possible making lifelong friendships. Some people who travel frequently make a lot of friends while in another country. You can do the same. 

Start with a simple conversation 

Start with a simple conversation

You will know if someone is trustworthy even with a few exchanges of words. You can stay away from someone who creeps you out, or will do you no good. However, if the other person is nice, there’s no reason for you to continue having the conversation. You don’t need to be friends or maintain a relationship after the conversation, but it’s great to have someone to talk to during your trip. 

Never get drunk

When you’re traveling alone, try your best not to get drunk. You can drink when you’re alone in your hotel room. While you’re outside, you have to be cautious. You might be more trusting when you’re intoxicated, and it will endanger you. Limit what you have to drink or choose non-alcoholic beverages. Your judgment of another person will also be impaired if you already drank a lot. 

Don’t immediately give out your contact information 

When you want to be friends with someone, you want things to go beyond the conversation at that moment. Therefore, you feel tempted to give your contact information. It’s not an ideal action. You don’t want to hand out that private information to anyone especially those whom you just met. If you want to talk again, you can agree to meet at the same place at the same time the next day. Life isn’t a romantic comedy movie. You can’t expect to find a friend or even a lover that easy and expect things to end happily ever after. 

Always be in your best behavior

When you’re traveling abroad, you’re also representing your country. People will form opinion about your country based on your actions. Therefore, you have to be in your best behavior all the time. You also have to avoid doing actions that people consider as a negative stereotype of someone from your country. 

Who knows? You can find someone who wants to form genuine friendship with you. It’s also a good thing since the person you met might also come visit you in the future. You can return the favor if you had a good time while traveling in a different place.

There’s nothing wrong in making friends, but you always have to be on the side of caution. If you don’t meet anyone, there are other ways for you to enjoy your trip. 

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