Never Forget These Beach Essentials on Your Beach Bag

Beach Essentials

It is finally time to head to the beach again and feel the heat of the sun on your skin. After months of biting cold, you can now feel the warm weather. Summer is always one of the most exciting times of the year. You might have even started arranging your trip way before the season began and it is a good thing.

You already have flight tickets, hotel reservations and local transportation ready. The only thing left to do is pack your bag and leave.

Packing your bags would still take some time. This is true especially if you are traveling light. Make sure that everything you need is there before you decide to leave. Here are some summer essentials you must not forget.



For sure, you already have them in your bag, but just in case you forgot, be reminded to use them. This is not just for aesthetic purposes. You also need them to protect your eyes against the sun. Find a pair of sunglasses with UV blocking lenses. They help further protect your eyes especially since regular sunglasses won’t have such capabilities.


This is also not just for aesthetic purposes but to protect your skin from the sun. If you are traveling to the Caribbean where it can be hotter than many other beaches, you have to bring the sunscreen with you wherever you go. It is important to reapply every 60-90 minutes. If you are traveling lite and you don’t have checked-in luggage, make sure you bring sunscreen in smaller bottles or find local stores in your destination where you can find one.

Water bottle

It is easy to get dehydrated when you are in the beach. With the activities that you do, you might even forget to drink water. Therefore, it is important to pack a water bottle with you so that any time you get thirsty, the bottle is ready. You can also bring a small pouch that you can wrap around your waist and the water bottle can be placed there too. If you can’t, always bring cash with you. In case you are thirsty, you can just find local stores to buy something to drink.

Zip lock

You don’t think you need it right now, but you do. If you don’t want your phones and other gadgets to get wet, you definitely need a zip lock bag. You can even find one that will completely seal the phone just in case you want to take photos while you are underwater. Take note that even waterproof devices are not advised for use on saltwater. Apart from these devices, the zip lock can also serve as your mini pouch.

Something to read

If you have a lot of activities lined up for the rest of the day, good for you. Otherwise, you might get bored. The best thing to do is bring something to read. You don’t want to use your phone for reading especially if you are saving up the battery. An actual magazine or other reading material would help.

Now that you have all these items ready in your bag, you are set for a beach adventure.

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