Safety Tips When Using Ride Sharing Apps

Ride Sharing Apps

Ride sharing apps are becoming popular these days. They’re a practical way to get to the destination. If you’re visiting a different place, it also helps you avoid getting lost. Instead of telling the cab driver where to go, the app will provide the details on your behalf. You don’t even need to speak with the driver throughout the trip. 

Although it’s convenient, ride sharing can also be a risk. Imagine being in a car full of people you don’t know. If you want to stay safe, you should remember these tips

Always check the plate number

Always check the plate number

Before hopping inside the car, you need to check the plate number located at either front or back of the vehicle. Carefully check every detail since some of them are quite close. You don’t want to enter the wrong car and be at risk. There have been unwanted incidents in the past involving passengers hopping on the wrong car. Since you’re technically not using the service of the ride sharing company, you can’t run after them. Even if you call for assistance, there’s nothing that the company can do. 

Bring items that will protect you from an attack

Your bag needs to have a pepper spray or any other legal item that you can use in case someone attacks you. It’s easier to escape the vehicle when you have incapacitated the attacker. As soon as you succeeded, you have to run as fast as you can. Head towards the crowd and ask for help. 

Save emergency contact information on speed dials

It’s easier to ask for help when you have the number on speed dials. Scanning your contacts or dialing the number is more difficult during emergency situations. You might also be in a panic mode. Include the local emergency number, hotline of the ride sharing company, and the number of a loved one.

Always be aware of your surroundings 

Take your headphone off throughout the ride to avoid getting distracted. Avoid scrolling your phone all the time. Look at the people who gets in the car and be familiar of their faces. Keep your belongings close to you. If possible, don’t sit at the back or in a corner where it’s difficult to escape. 

Get off anywhere if you feel unsafe

It doesn’t matter if you are yet to arrive at your destination. If you no longer feel safe, you have to get out right away. It’s even better if there are lots of people in the area. It’s easier to ask for help. 

Avoid ride sharing apps at night

If you’re heading back home at night, try not to use ride sharing services, especially if you’re alone. It’s even worse if you already had a lot to drink. Try to sleep over at your friend’s house or stay at the nearest accommodation. 

Most ride sharing services are reliable. However, there are still ways for people to evade security and harm others. Don’t let them succeed and always be on your feet. 

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