Questions to Ask Yourself Before Leaving Hotel and Restaurant Reviews

Hotel and Restaurant Reviews

Many people rely on reviews to determine whether or not they will book a hotel or eat at a restaurant. Therefore, your experience with these establishments warrants a review. It helps others make up their minds in the same way that you also look at reviews when you don’t know what to do.

However, before leaving reviews, it’s crucial that you ask yourself important questions. Remember that your reviews could have a direct impact on these businesses. You must be careful with what you say.

Am I telling the truth?

You should only review based on the truth. You can’t say anything about things that didn’t happen. It’s common for people to embellish their stories because they didn’t get what they wanted. It’s their way of showing revenge at the business. If you do the same, you’re definitely wrong. You can’t change the story because of how you feel. Your goal is to inform others about what happened and there’s no need to add details regarding incidents that didn’t take place.

Did I really have a terrible service?

You should have clear expectations before booking a hotel or dining at a restaurant. You can’t expect the same services from a highway motel with a 5-star hotel. You also can’t expect fast food chains to provide you with the same experience as a fine dining restaurant. Therefore, it’s critical to qualify the type of services that you’ve received. You can’t throw out “terrible” as the best way to describe your experience when it’s not. Your reviews can have a direct impact not only at the company, but the staff. People could lose their jobs because of your false accusations and unrealistic expectations.

Did I clarify the issue with the staff?

You can’t throw tantrums at review pages all the time. It’s not the first resort. When you didn’t like the service or if there’s something missing, call the attention of the staff. You need someone to address these problems while you’re there. Perhaps, there’s a mistake that can be easily corrected. By talking to a staff, the problem can be dealt with right away. There’s no need to publicize the details. You should only express frustrations on your reviews when you’ve already sought for help and nothing happened.

Are other people saying the same thing?

Are other people saying the same thing

Your reviews shouldn’t be a replica of what others have already said. People might think you didn’t really avail of the services. You only copied what other reviewers said and pretended that you’ve been to these places. It might affect your reputation. Even if you have truthful and relevant words to say in the future, no one would care anymore.

These questions are meant to let you pause and think before writing anything online. Once you’ve written your reviews, there’s no turning back. You have to face the consequences of your actions. You will also cut ties with these establishments. If you frequently avail of the services, it’s not in your interest to write scathing reviews. You should also use appropriate words even when you feel frustrated.

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