Reasons for Traveling to Lichtenstein


You probably haven’t heard of Lichtenstein before. This small principality is sandwiched between Austria and Switzerland. Accessing the place is easy since there are trains that can take you there within a few minutes from Switzerland. Therefore, if you’re already traveling to Europe, you might as well squeeze in a day or two for Lichtenstein. Here are more reasons for doing so.

It’s a small country

Imagine saying to your friends that you’ve traveled an entire country for a day. It’s possible if you decide to visit Lichtenstein. It only has 160 square kilometers in land area. Hence, there’s no problem going around within a day.

small country

The Alps look amazing

There are other countries where you can view The Alps and enjoy the outdoor climbing experience. However, looking at it from the point of view of a small principality like Lichtenstein is a unique experience. There are also ski resorts and panoramic train rides available if you want to explore more of the country’s outdoors.

Everyone is rich

If you want to see how it is like to live like a wealthy person, visit this country. The average income is five times than that of the United States. There are also not too many people residing in Lichtenstein. It’s one of the most closed off countries in Europe. Gaining citizenship is extremely difficult. Marriage to a citizen doesn’t guarantee that you will receive citizenship too. It’s a unique lifestyle that is worth seeing in person. You can only imagine how pretty the houses are in Lichtenstein.

It is a highly industrialized country

You might think that the country only relies on investments as the primary source of income. The truth is that it is highly industrialized. People work hard to maintain their status. In fact, Lichtenstein is the world’s largest manufacturer of porcelain dentures and hygiene products. For a country this size, it is unbelievable to have such a massive output.

You can rent the country

Yes, you’ve read that right. You can be the rule of this country for a day. Of course, it comes with a hefty price of $70,000. You will be deemed the ruler and make your dreams of becoming an emperor for 24 hours. However, there are rules that you need to follow. You also have to be careful not to step on the actual head of state. There are also potential legal consequences if you’ve done something crazy during your reign. Remember than when your time is up, you can be prosecuted for committing crimes while in office. Regardless, it’s still a unique experience afforded to people who can pay the price.

Not too many people have been here

While Lichtenstein relies on tourism for profit, not too many people have set foot inside the country. Therefore, it can be a bragging right if you’ve managed to visit Lichtenstein during your trip. Your friends will definitely be envious of this experience.

For these reasons, it’s time to change your itinerary and visit Lichtenstein on your trip to Europe.

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