Traveling in Europe Doesn’t Have to be Expensive. Here’s How You can Save Money

Travelling Europe

European countries are among the most expensive places to travel. The cost of living is generally higher in Europe than many other countries around the world. However, there are a lot of amazing places to visit in the continent and you should go ahead and push through with the trip. Here’s how you can save more money during this trip.

Avoid off season trips

Summer is one of the worst times to travel in Europe especially if you worry about the cost. It is also the most crowded time of the year. There are long lines especially in popular tourist destinations. Cities like Venice, Paris and Florence are too uncomfortable to visit during the summer. You might want to head there during spring and autumn instead. Europe looks even better during this season especially if you are heading to northern Scandinavia. Tickets are cheaper and hotels are usually at a discounted rate.

Buy all-inclusive passes

Several cities in Europe offer “City cards”. You can access public transportation and entrance to top tourist attractions during a certain period of time. Check local tourism boards or the country’s official websites to get links for buying the tickets.

Check the Tourism Board

Most countries have tourism boards. Use them as your source of information. You will get the best possible recommendations especially regarding the best places to stay. Check them out online, but don’t forget to head to a local information counter where you can pick up free maps, tickets to events and entrances to certain locations.

Use buses

travelling europe by bus

Traveling by luxury buses in Europe is one of the most affordable, convenient and easiest ways to move from one area to another. Buses in Europe are clean, modern, with Wi-Fi and bathrooms. It is better to go by bus than by trains especially for short destinations. There is also a huge disparity in terms of the price.

Use low cost airlines to travel to different cities

If you are heading from one European city to another and you want to save money, use low cost airlines. Options like EasyJet, RyanAir and Germanwings allow you to visit different places as if you are just paying a train ride. Sometimes, train or bus tickets are way more expensive. Use this airlines instead.

Check all possible accommodation options

Hotels in Europe are undoubtedly expensive. You don’t have to use them though. Budget hostels are all over the place. AirBnb is also becoming a popular choice. Bed and breakfast is also a possibility. Some millennials also prefer couch surfing. Even if you stay longer, you won’t spend a lot with these options.

Use the train at night

If you want to travel to different cities, travel at night using a train. Most trains have sleeper cars to bring you to major destinations. You won’t even mind that it takes several hours since you will just sleep.

Europe is such an amazing continent with lots to discover. One trip to this big continent is not enough. Even if you go back several times if you know how to save money while you’re there, you won’t mind heading back over and over again.

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