Reasons Why You Need to Travel to Madagascar Soon


If you’re considering the next place where you’re going to travel, you might want to consider going to Madagascar. For sure, you already heard about this country due to the popularity of the movie. Instead of only watching the fictional version of the film, you might want to go there on your next trip.

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world and some people refer to it as the 8th continent. It’s a unique country due to its ecology. Its location allowed such uniqueness to thrive. These are some other reasons for planning a trip to Madagascar soon.

Fascinating flora

Fascinating flora

Madagascar is home to over 15,000 species of plants. Of that number, 80% can be found only in the country. The southern portion of Madagascar is home to countless shrubs and trees. If you love orchids, you’re in luck. There are over 860 species of orchids in the country.

Unique geography

You only read about different land and water forms in books. If you want to see them in person, you have to visit Madagascar. It has deserts, forests, high peaks, lagoons, swamps, and many others. The diverse landscape is worth seeing in person.

Fascinating people and culture

The unique culture alone is already a reason for visiting Madagascar. Add to that the warm reception you will receive from the people once you arrive. The country has 22 million people. They’re of mixed origin, including African, Arab and Indian. Every group of people in the region has a set of beliefs, practices, and lifestyles. It would be great to see them in person.

Breathtaking transportation options

You might be used to the comfort of buses and trains in your home country. In Madagascar, people are more resourceful. Considering the fact that the country isn’t wealthy and there’s a huge population, it’s crucial to be creative in determining how to move around. People maximize swamps and lagoons for public transportation. The transportation system isn’t the most convenient, but you can relax as you appreciate the views.

The wildlife

Obviously, you became interested to see Madagascar because of the indigenous wildlife you saw in the film. It’s time that you see some of them in person. There are 103 species of monkeys alone. There are also over 300 bird species. For reptiles, there are 240 species that you can find. The wide array of wildlife will surely fascinate you. If you already felt delighted seeing the movies, you will feel even better as you see the wildlife in person.

Given these reasons, it’s time for you to consider traveling to Madagascar. You will discover more about this unique country on your trip. It might be far from you, but it’s still worth visiting. The number of animals alone is already enough of a reason for you to pursue the trip. The good thing is that you can visit the country at any time of the year. Process your travel documents now to facilitate the trip.  

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