Safety Tips When Traveling in India

Traveling in India

You might be excited with the idea of traveling around India. This culture-rich country has a lot to offer. It’s one of the most colorful destinations in the world. Before you get started, you must consider a few safety tips. While India has tons of tourist attractions, it’s not necessarily the safest place you can find. 

Dress modestly

Dress modestly

Try your best to stay covered when traveling around the country. It’s a fairly religious and conservative country and you don’t want to offend people with your outfit. If you don’t want to receive angry stares or be approached by a random person because of what you wear, choose appropriate clothing. 

Avoid wearing expensive jewelry

Keep your attire simple when traveling on regular streets. You don’t want to wear your most expensive jewelry and run the risk of getting robbed. You also attract thieves because of your shimmering pieces of jewelry. Try to blend in and don’t plan on standing out. 

Don’t assume women are more trustworthy

You might think that women can be more trusted than men. The truth is you might also be at risk around women. Make sure you know the people you go out with. Avoid random individuals approaching you for something you didn’t ask for. It doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with locals. The point is you should be more cautious with the people you met. 

Pay for guided tours

While a significant portion of the population can speak English well, you might still want to be in guided tours. You don’t want to experience communication issues as you travel. You also don’t want to end up in the wrong side of the country. With a guide by your side, you will feel safer. 

Don’t accept anything for free

In this instance, the idea that there’s no such thing as a free lunch is probably true. You shouldn’t accept anything even if it’s offered to you without having to pay, especially from strangers. There will always be a catch and you might spend more than the usual. Politely decline the offer and move. 

Carry your phone all the time

Have your phone with you wherever you go. If you get lost, your Google Maps will come in handy. If you’re at risk, you can ask for help. Don’t leave your phone and other valuables at a hotel, unless it comes with a safe. Inform your loved ones back home if you intend to travel to distant locations. 

Be aware of pickpockets

Pickpockets are everywhere, but it’s more pronounced in India mostly because of its population. When you get stuck in a crowd, you’re at risk of getting robbed. The worst part is you might not even know something wrong has already happened. Always be vigilant and avoid being in crowded locations.

These tips will keep you safe as you travel. It doesn’t mean you can’t trust the locals at all. It shows that you have to pay more attention to what you do to avoid problems. 

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