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Traveling Tips for a Newbie Traveller

A good preparation can either make or break the joy of traveling. With millions of people going through airport terminals, eating out, booking at hotels, and more, it is no wonder that any one of us at some point will either lose a luggage or probably get ourselves, our papers, or money get lost in

4 Pointers You Have to Remember in Getting Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an oft-neglected topic. Not many bother to be informed about it, let it alone buy it. One commissioned travel insurance survey in 2013 conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International reported that only around 51% of travelers say that they understand what travel insurance means and what it covers. Also, in the

Pass or Fail: The Passenger Test to Safe and Enjoyable Travel

Eager to travel? You may want to pause for a while to answer some questions. Traveling isn’t as simple as enjoying the views and feeling the breeze. There are uncertainties and some challenges you may encounter. If you are not that knowledgeable with travel, you may get yourself in situations that are unforgettable for the