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How to Fund an Ambitious Plan to Travel the World

When you were younger, you always said that you planned to travel the world. It’s one of your lifetime dreams. However, as you get older, you realize that it’s not a realistic plan. It’s too ambitious, and you’re probably not going to have the chance to visit every country.  Although the chances are quite low,

Planning a Trip When You Have a Mental Health Problem

Going on a trip can help you deal with a mental health problem. Seeing wonderful places and meeting new people can help you feel better. A change in scenery will also give you a break if your current environment is stressing you out. However, if you have already been diagnosed of a mental health problem

Things to Do if Your Trip isn’t Going as Planned

It’s easy to feel frustrated when your trip isn’t going well. You expect a lot from it, but it’s not what you want to happen. There are several changes that took place for whatever reason. Just because there’s aren’t going as planned, it doesn’t mean you can no longer enjoy it. There are still a

Reasons for Intentionally Getting Lost in a City

When you decide to travel to another place especially one that you have never been to before, it is crucial for you to plan everything well. You need to know what to do next as soon as you step out of the airport. A well-planned trip can be stress-free. You can visit all the places