How to Fund an Ambitious Plan to Travel the World

Travel the World

When you were younger, you always said that you planned to travel the world. It’s one of your lifetime dreams. However, as you get older, you realize that it’s not a realistic plan. It’s too ambitious, and you’re probably not going to have the chance to visit every country. 

Although the chances are quite low, some people have managed to do it. They went around the world, and even visited some countries more than once. The point is that it can be done, and if you want to pursue your plans, you should go for it. The biggest hindrance is money. These are some possible ways to fund this ambitious plan.

Start a travel vlog 

Travel Vlog

Most people who succeeded in traveling the world managed to do it because of their travel vlogs. These are popular vlogs that will attract millions of eyeballs. Given the paid partnership program of YouTube, you can make money out of the vlogs. The amount earned could be used to fund your next trip. You can keep the ball rolling until you have enough money for funding each travel plan. You don’t even need a day job anymore. Apart from your travel expenses, the amount earned could also pay for other fees you need to pay. 

Get sponsors

Apart from paid ads on your channel, you can also promote some companies within the travel video. Some might pay you a specific amount while others will pay for some of your travel expenses. Either way, it’s a win. You will receive help in reducing your overall expenses. The key is to make the sponsored ad look organic in your video. Otherwise, people will stop watching your vlogs. They won’t enjoy it anymore since it’s mostly about advertising companies. 

Publish your stories

You can also publish a book that tells your experience. It’s not difficult to write since it contains information about your journey. It’s a firsthand experience and no one will question it. You can also include pictures to make these readers feel like they’re on the journey with you. Since there are hundreds of countries to visit, you can publish many books. The best part is that you will receive royalties for every book sold. If your book becomes a hit, the chances of making money are even higher. Since you’re now sort of a celebrity, you can use whatever media mileage is available. Ask for an interview from a local or national media channel to discuss your book and travel experience. If more people know about you, it’s possible to sell more books. 

There are more ways to find your travel plans. It can be done if you’re smart in managing your finances. You should also make the most of your popularity. Take it one step at a time. Look for countries that you can easily travel by land so you can hop from one place to another within a few days. If you loved the experience, you can go back next time. The goal is to complete your bucket list. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to enjoy the experience. 

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