Tips When Trapped in a Country and Unable to Leave While Traveling

Trapped in a Country

Imagine having the time of your life in a foreign country when terrible news reaches you. It could be a looming international conflict or a health crisis. Airlines started canceling flights and travel bans are in place. You have no choice but to stay put until things get better. While this seems like a far-fetched scenario, recent events might make you want to think twice. Here are the things you should do during these circumstances.

Get the first fly out

Get the first fly out

Head to the airport or any port of exit as soon as possible. If the country is connected to another by land, take the train or buses. You want to be out of the area while you can. While it seems hard to leave at this point, it could only worsen during the next days. It doesn’t matter how much you’re going to pay to leave. Your safety must be the priority.

Coordinate with your embassy

If your country has an embassy, call the hotline. Let your representatives know that you’re still in the country and you can’t get out. Provide your location and contact information. It’s the embassy’s responsibility to take care of you and your family. It could be challenging, but they will find a way. Embassies also have diplomatic ties with the local leaders and leaders of the neighboring countries. Follow their instructions and don’t delay.

Always keep yourself updates

You should know what’s going on. It’s the perfect time to maximize your social media. Constantly refresh your feed for updates. Follow official accounts to receive accurate information. Be careful about fake accounts and the spread of disinformation. Anything can happen and some people use it as a chance to spread propaganda.

Inform your family members

Keep your family back home aware about your situation. They’re probably worried about you and if you can still get out of the country on time. They might also have means of helping you out by connecting with the local leaders. Stay calm when talking to them. Panicking doesn’t help. Tell them if you’ve changed location or contact information. If you found locals who are willing to help out, provide their contact details too.

Don’t worry about money

Now isn’t the right time to think about how you can save. It doesn’t matter if everything gets expensive. You must leave. Forget ways to get a discount. Comfort shouldn’t be your priority, either. Safety should always be on your mind. It’s even more critical if you’re traveling with children. You don’t want to put them at an even greater risk because of your incorrect calculations.

There’s no formula to success when you’re trapped in this difficult situation. Before you travel, check government advisory. Don’t pursue the plan if things are getting worse. Always beware of your surroundings. Follow local protocols and make friends with the locals. You might need people to inform you about what’s happening, especially if you don’t speak the language. Be optimistic until the ordeal is over.

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