Try These Ways to Travel the World for Free and Get Paid

Traveling the World for Free

Do you want to travel the world for free? It seems like too much to ask, but the truth is that there are ways for you to see the world without spending a lot of money, if any at all. In some instances, not only will you travel for free, you are even paid to do it. Here are some ways that will help you travel the world and also get paid.

Work as a tour guide

Work as a tour guide

This is straight forward. Your job is to travel with other people. You can see different places, and get paid once your job is done. As a tour guide, you have to be familiar of the different places, cultures, and traditions. You need to explain all of them to other people. If you are employed by a company, you will get a steady stream of income. However, if you are only called to work on certain days when there are tourists, you might have to search for another more stable income source. Nevertheless, if your goal is to simply travel and see different iconic places without spending money, this is a good option.

Teach English

There are a lot of native English speakers who are hired in various Asian countries to teach English. Among the popular destinations are China, Vietnam, Korea, and Thailand. Apart from having lots of job opportunities there, these are also some of the best places to travel around the world. Some schools might even hire you even without teaching background or experience. You don’t have to stay long. While you are there, you can make money and continue traveling.

Be a travel vlogger

There are a lot of people getting popular through vlogs these days. They simply post their videos online in sites like YouTube. Once they rake in thousands of millions of views, they start getting money from the site. Companies place their ads in the video, and this keeps the flow of cash coming. The key is to be interesting. Visit exciting places, and have a larger than life personality. You have to pay for your trip, but your income online will suffice.

Work for travel companies

There are travel sites that are searching for writers who can write in details about certain places. From unique cultures to exciting dishes, they want everything up to the smallest details. They present this information to their readers, so they want a more comprehensive write-up. If you are a good writer, work for these companies. They will send you to different places to write a guidebook.

Be a flight attendant

Although this takes years of experiences and training, it will still be worth it in the end. Aside from making a huge amount of money, they are also getting lots of freebies. They get the chance to travel the world and stay in amazing hotels. They even get extra free trips to their family members. On top of that, flight attendants only work for around 80 hours a month.

Just give these strategies a try and you will see the world without having to spend from your own pocket.

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