The Need to be Cautious When Hitchhiking and Crucial Tips to Remember

Hitchhiking Cautions

Hitchhiking is quite common when you are in the middle of nowhere and you need a ride. You would rather take the risk and ask for help from passersby than get stuck there. Before you join with anyone who offers a ride, you need to be cautious, especially for women. You need to ensure your safety and prevent anyone from potentially hurting you.

Find the nearest gas station

If there is a gas station nearby, you can go there and wait until someone comes along and refills their tank. You can at least have the gas station staff remember the plate number or face of the driver you went with if you decide to take a ride. In small towns where people know each other, you can count on the local staff if you are told that the person is trustworthy should you decide to hitchhike.

Look for cars that are going slow

When the car is driving slowly, you will at least have the chance to see if the person behind the wheels is trustworthy. You will also know if that person is with someone else. Look for an uphill road since it naturally slows the cars down.

Find a spot where cars can safely pull aside

You also need a spot where it would be easy for the car to pull up without causing traffic jam. You do not want to get into an accident or cause one just because you are asking for help. However, in the middle of nowhere, traffic is the least of your concerns.

Use a sign

Use a sign

Some drivers are going too fast and they might not see that you are asking for a ride. You can use a sign so that even from afar, the driver will already know that you need a ride. It increases the chances of someone picking you up and bringing you along with them. You can also specify where you are heading to give the driver enough time to decide before pulling up.

Always smile

Yes, being in your situation is stressful. However, you still need to appear nice and friendly. You want to ensure that the driver will trust you and let you into the vehicle. Although it is difficult for you to trust a stranger, you need to understand that these motorists also feel the same. If you do not seem trustworthy, they would not mind leaving you to fend for yourself.

Offer to pay for gas

When you are heading in a direction which is out of the way or quite far from where you are now, the person might hesitate to take you. The best option is to tell the driver to bring you somewhere in the area where you can get another ride to your final destination. If you need a ride until you reach your place, you can offer to pay gas.

Once you got someone to say yes to take you, it is important for you to say thank you. Get the contact number and stay in touch even after you arrive home. It could lead to a lifelong friendship. Stay at the backseat during the ride if you do not fully trust the driver so that you can escape if something goes wrong. You can only hope for the best under these circumstances.

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