Things You Will Learn in Joining a Homestay Program

Homestay Program

If you want a unique experience when traveling, you can consider joining a homestay program. Instead of booking hotels and services apartments, you can opt for home stays. They’re popular in the UK, India, and Malaysia. However, in other rural areas, these home stays are common too. If you intend to try something different on your next trip, these are the reasons why going on a homestay would be perfect for you.

You can learn the local language

Even on a short trip, you wish to pick up a few words. However, it’s difficult if you don’t have someone teaching you. Of course, you can’t expect people you meet while traveling to teach a lot. When you go for a homestay, your host family will probably teach you some words. It’s also easier to learn because you’re hearing everyone at home using the language. In some cases, you have to force yourself to learn since the host family couldn’t speak a lot of English. It’s challenging at first, but it would be worth it.

Unique cultures and traditions 

Unique cultures and traditions

It’s fun to travel for shopping and visiting tourist destinations. However, you won’t necessarily imbibe the unique cultures and traditions of the locals. The best way to do it is by joining homestay programs. You will invite the local culture because you live with the locals. You will know how they eat, cook, and live their every day lives. You won’t have the chance to do it if you stay in a hotel. Sure, it’s convenient, but it’s not enriching. You can also proud to say that you learned these unique traditions by experience and not only by looking at pictures or videos online.

Going outside the comfort zone

Homestay programs aren’t necessarily comfortable. In some places, it’s not easy to get portable water or have a clean bathroom. It’s part of the experience. You always feel comfortable with everything that you have. It might be time that you start to go outside your comfort zone. You will learn a lot when not everything is given to you. You become resourceful and creative. You can use the skill in other instances in the future.

Living within your means

Host families don’t live extravagant lives. They live within their means. They also have a limited income source. Therefore, you will eat whatever is offered to you. Your bedroom wouldn’t be like the one you have at home. You might even have to learn how to work like your host family. If they survive by fishing or farming, you can learn the same skills.

Not using technological devices often

Given your current lifestyle, the use of the technological devices is already a part of it. You can’t start and end your day without using your phone. You also need your laptop to work. When you join the homestay program, you will have a simple life. You won’t even think about using your phone. There are times when you feel tempted to post something on your social media account, but you will hesitate. You become more sensitive to the environment.

Once the program is over, you will reflect on your experience and feel good about it. You might even want to try doing it again next time.

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