Tips for Expats Who Got Stuck in Another Country During the Pandemic

Expats During Pandemic

Being alone in another country for work is already challenging. Getting stuck there due to the lack of flights is even worse. Your options are limited and you might have to sacrifice until things get better. Before you become hopeless, you need to understand that your situation is only temporary and everything will soon come to an end. 

Find a way to go home

If you were able to keep your job and you’re happy with where you are, it’s not a problem. It’s even better if you’re with family. You can continue doing your job and live like you’re one of the locals. It only becomes an issue if you lost your job and you can no longer sustain the expenses. You have to coordinate with the embassy right away. Most countries have a repatriation flight for their citizens to get back home. Inform your embassy if you couldn’t afford to pay for the flights too. You might get help in that regard. As soon as flights are available, you have to prepare to leave.

Always listen to the news

Always listen to the news

You have to know the updates about the coronavirus cases in the country. If you have loved ones back home, you should also know what’s going on there. When you listen for updates, you will know what to do if you want to get out. You will also know if there are upcoming flights and easing of restrictions. Countries have different means of relaying information related to the pandemic, and others don’t have information in English. Ask your local friends to update you if translations aren’t available. 

Change your lifestyle

If you managed to keep your job, you’re lucky. Many people got laid off as a result of this pandemic. Even businesses had to shutter. However, it’s not certain that you will keep your job until the pandemic is over. Considering that vaccines aren’t going to be available soon, most businesses couldn’t operate as usual. Therefore, you should change your lifestyle and learn to save money. Even if you can find a way to get back home, there’s no job waiting for you there. Millions of people have lost their jobs around the world, and getting one at this time is close to impossible. Be honest with your family about the status of your business and tell them to make sacrifices just like you. 

Appreciate local tourist destinations

In some countries where the virus has somehow been contained, domestic trips are possible. You can visit tourist sites and other locations without the need to quarantine first. It’s your chance to visit different places and enjoy them. You came to that country to work, and you didn’t have the chance to enjoy its wonders. Since you’re working from home most of the times, you can use this opportunity to be a tourist. When things get back to normal, it won’t be easy anymore. 

This pandemic is definitely a problem for everyone, and the crisis doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. It’s even worse for an expat like you. Be optimistic and make the most of the situation. We will eventually get through it. 

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