Tips to Relax Minutes Before You Board the Plane

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There are a lot of people who are anxious about flying and it is totally understandable. The idea of being inside a long tube that is rolled from the ground to the sky at a really fast speed towards a high altitude is extremely scary. The idea that there have been a lot of recorded fatal accidents in the past don’t help either.

If you are among the people who just could not relax before boarding a plane, there are things you can do to feel better.

Prolong your breath

You simply have to inhale and exhale before the flight while you are already seated. This helps a lot. You have to inhale for a really long time and exhale slowly through your nose. Keep repeating this for 60 seconds and you will feel a lot calmer. Another technique is to breathe through your nose for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds and exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds. Just keep repeating the process until you feel totally calm.

Think about how safe the airline industry is

Instead of thinking about all the recent accidents, why don’t you think about how safe the airline industry is in general? It has been around for decades. Improvements have been done over the years. Even if you have heard of several scary incidents, the safety rating is still very high. Besides, planes are carefully checked before flying. It undergoes a lot of repairs and maintenance checks so that it will be safe for long flights. You don’t think all the time with other vehicles but you don’t fear them as much. Land vehicles are even more fatal than planes. This idea should be enough to calm you down.

Accept your feelings

Most people would tell you not to fear and it is just fine. However, you should also learn how to accept your feelings and acknowledge that you are afraid and you feel like panicking. However, you must also learn to tell yourself that you can handle the situation just like you have handled any other problems in the past.

Drink moderately

Drink Moderately

Some people resort to alcohol for help and in many cases it works. You will feel more relaxed when you are intoxicated. However, just drink enough alcohol to get you through the trip. If you are flying for an hour or less, don’t get too drunk or else you will suffer the consequences later. You can’t find your luggage or even your way out of the airport.

Distract yourself

Start thinking of positive things. Play games on your phone. Talk to the friend you are traveling with. Read in-flight magazines. There are a lot of ways for you to be relieved of this feeling. People have different ways of dealing with fear. Find out what you can distract you while you are seated on a plane and do it.

You will surely get through this flight. Just relax and hope for the best. You should also look forward to the things you have lined up once you have arrived.

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