Traveling in a Densely Populated City is a Challenge. Here’s How You Can Survive It

Densely Populated City

There are a lot of great cities around the world that are densely populated. Due to the number of opportunities available in those cities, a lot of people decide to move there. This is why there is limited public space and you seem to bump with people all the time.

This doesn’t mean you have to cancel your plan to visit those cities just because they are crowded. You should still go ahead with your plan especially if there are lots of beautiful places for you to visit. Here are some tips to avoid getting lost, robbed, or really tired when you are in these cities.

Know the public transportation system

For big cities, there are usually a lot of public transportation options. This is one of the best ways to ensure that there are not so many private vehicles on the road that could cause further traffic jam. Research in advance how to go from one place to another. Find out the safest option. If you are taking trains or buses, be aware that they are always crowded, especially during rush hours. The key is to stand in the inner part as there is too much movement near the door. It is also where most thieves are confident to do the crime as they can easily escape.

Avoid bringing a lot of things with you

Avoid bringing a lot of things

Don’t bring a lot with you. Bring some cash and your credit card. Keep them in a very secure location. Use inner pockets so you won’t be robbed. If you are bringing your phone or camera, make sure you hold it all the time. Find a way that it doesn’t slip from your hands. Avoid placing them inside your pocket as they can be easily stolen.

Don’t look and act like a tourist

If you don’t look like the locals, it would be very easy for the actual locals to spot you as a tourist. However, if you dress like the locals and you seem confident with what you are doing, they will assume you have been there for a long time. This makes potential thieves or scammers stay away from you. They think you are too tough to even be messed with.

Always be polite

There are places with a lot of customs and traditions. No one expect you to understand all of them. However, being polite and nice will always be valued around the world. Learn how to say thank you and apologize if you are wrong. Don’t cut the line even if you are in a hurry. Always be nice to the elderly. Most of all, just be calm. Being bumped by other people is common in crowded places. This should not enrage you or else you will be in deep trouble.

Prepare for pollution

Crowded cities are usually polluted. Bring a mask to cover your nose and be protected against air pollution. Always wash your hands before eating. When you arrive at your hotel, take a bath again. Bring medicine just in case you get sick or you experience allergic reactions.

If it is your first time in a small but crowded city, it is like being at war. You need to have the weapons and training to survive.

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