What You Should Know Before Traveling to Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan is a hidden gym in Central Asia. It’s not the first country you will have in mind if you decide to go on a trip. It’s also not a popular tourist destination. It means that you will have more to discover once you decide to pursue that trip. You will also discover its rich history and unique culture. Before packing your bags, here are a few things you need to know. 

You might have to bring cash

Credit card use isn’t that big in the country. You will find it hard to look for places that accept cards. When you buy from small stores, you need to pay in cash. It helps if you have enough cash with you. While there are plenty of ATMs, it’s better if you already have sufficient cash carried around. 

It’s a very safe country

very safe country

You might think that Uzbekistan is unsafe due to its unpopularity as a tourist destination. Just because it’s not very open to the rest of the world doesn’t mean it’s an unsafe country. You can go around the country, including the countryside and not have to worry about safety. 

Language barrier could be an issue

Uzbeks and Russians share almost the same language. There might be a few variations, but it’s easy for them to understand each other. It’s not the same when you only speak English. You have to learn a few words or bring a translator to prevent language issues. Buying things will also be easier when you understand a little bit of the local language. Signs are also not in English in most places, so it can be confusing. 

You don’t need a tour guide

While language can be an issue, everything else is fine. Taking public transportation is easy. Going to different destinations is also easy. Therefore, having a tour guide isn’t a necessity. However, it helps if you have someone who knows the area. You also don’t want to experience delays in your travel plans. 

Going there usually requires a visa

Uzbekistan is quite strict in releasing a travel visa. Almost all countries are required visa before entering. The good thing is that it is not as difficult to get a travel visa to Uzbekistan as it is in other countries. 

A two-price system is prevalent

You might have to pay a different price to enter museums and other tourist destinations as a foreigner. It’s not a good thing, but you have no choice. If you wish to see these places, you have to pay up. 

You need to bring a lot of money

You can do a lot when you have money heading into Uzbekistan. You can also ask favors when you have enough. It’s not necessarily an expensive trip, but you still need sufficient money. 

Now that you understand what it takes to visit Uzbekistan, you should start planning your trip. You will feel good about this decision. You can also brag about being one of the few people to have witnessed this country’s glory.

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