4 New Year’s Resolutions for the Traveler in You


Traveling is such an exciting activity as you are to meet endless opportunities. You can learn about other people’s cultures, make friends with people from other countries and of course taste foods you have never tried before. Therefore, for 2017, it is just right that you travel more. This time though, you have to make promises to yourself so that the trips ahead will be more meaningful, but still within your budget range. Here are the New Year’s resolutions you might want to promise to yourself.

Plan everything earlier

One of the reasons why you just can’t plan ahead is because you don’t know whether or not you can take a day off from work. You also don’t know what other circumstances you could face in the future. If you keep being bothered, you might not achieve anything at all. The best alternative is to just plan early and go ahead with your booking. Forget about all other factors and cross the bridge later on when you get there. Booking earlier helps a lot when you are on a tight budget. You can also clear your schedule way ahead.

Don’t eat out

There is nothing wrong in trying out local dishes in every country that you visit. Instead of dining in a fancy restaurant though, it is best if you dine in cheaper places. Try out street foods. You should also seek for advice from those who have been to the place before or check out reviews online. The point is to try the dishes and not to pig out.


Maximize credit card points

It helps a lot if you have a credit card so you can easily book your tickets and hotel reservations. It also helps if you finally understand what the rules are in terms of getting points and earning mileage. By then, you will get discounts for your next travel. A lot of people ignore these gimmicks, but they are real and could be very useful.

Try planning less and just go for it

One of the reasons why your previous trips were so unsuccessful is that you have put too much thought into all the details. As a result, you become frustrated when things don’t turn out the way you want them to. For next year, just go with the flow. Avoid thinking too much. Just book the tickets early and see what happens if the date comes closer. You will surely realize that everything is better when they are spontaneous. You will also have lower expectations, and feel ecstatic if you surpass them all.

 Life is short. You only have a few years to live and see the beauty of the world. There are a lot more places waiting for you to discover. Make sure that you just keep pushing forward with your plans and make them all happen. You deserve these trips because you work hard. Don’t feel guilty each time you plan a trip. You know that there are a lot more for you to learn if you give yourself a chance to travel.

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