A Closer Look at Doral, Miami: Host of the 2014 Miss Universe Pageant

Year after year, fans expect the Miss Universe pageant to be held outside of the United States. However, in recent year, we have seen this pageant being hosted by Las Vegas, Nevada only. The good thing is that some countries attempted to bid for the pageant with Russia succeeding in 2013 and Brazil in 2011. When the 2014 host city was announced, a lot of people were disappointed as it is back in the US again. Worse, it did not happen in 2014 as planned. It was moved to 2015. The Miss Universe organization did not really clarify the reason behind it. Speculations arose that no county outside the US would host the pageant due to the extremely high cost of the license fee with no guarantee of profit. The good news is that the mayor of Doral stepped up and took the challenge. Thus, the competition is now finally taking place in Doral, Miami.

Well, after seeing the contestants enjoy what Doral has to offer, everyone appreciated Doral already. Why not? The city is beaming with tourist attractions and lots of outdoor activities to choose from. In fact, the contestants seemed to have a blast visiting various locations around the city. Thus, if you are planning to visit Doral soon, you have to try out the best that the city has to offer.


By luigi diamante ( [Public domain], via Free Digital Photos

The Golf Courses

If there is one thing that you can find all around the city, it is a golf course. Lots of rich people travel all the way to Florida just to play at the exciting golf courses. Doral Resort for instance offers two of the best golf courses in the world. These are the Blue Monster Golf Course and the Great White Golf Course. If you want to visit the golf course owned by the Miss Universe owner himself, visit the Trump National Doral Golf Course. Aside from the perfect location of the golf courses, the sceneries are also fantastic. The air is fresh and you will surely be in the mood for golfing.


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Exciting activities

If you are not into golf, then you might want to try out other adventure activities such as shooting. The Ace’s Indoor Shooting Range & Pro Gun Shop offers not only a perfect location for indoor shooting, but also assistance especially for those who have never tried indoor shooting before. With these experts by your side, you won’t be afraid to try shooting. You might also want to go for Ocean Hunters Dive Center. This diving shop will help you get the best diving experience ever. If you are into other sports, you might want to visit Adventure Sports Miami Equipment Rentals. You can get top of the line sports equipment and play like a pro.


This year’s Miss Universe pageant will be held at the Florida International University Arena. It is owned by the university and is usually used for school related activities. It is also a perfect location for basketball games. However, for the pageant, the place will be transformed to make it look more suitable. On regular days, you can still check out the arena. You can even go around the campus and see what the university has to offer. FIU is not just a university, but is like a home away from home. This is why tons of international students are enticed to further their education in this university.

Night Outs

The Miss Universe contestants might be seen partying for several nights. This is due to the number of pubs and bars that can be found in the city. For a more authentic experience, try out bars where you can do salsa dancing. Of course, Doral is like a mini Latin country in the US. Thus, it is easy to spot Americans of Hispanic origin in the city. You can even enjoy authentic Mexican or Venezuelan dishes when you try out different restaurants.

Given these reasons, you have to give Doral a try. If the contestants of Miss Universe coming from different parts of the world enjoyed, why can’t you?