Annoying Things to Avoid When Doing a Travel Vlog

Travel Vlog

Vlogging has become a huge deal these days. It allows people to share their experiences around the world. It also benefits those who are watching the vlogs since they can learn from the experiences of other people. 

Over time, you might have enough number of followers to even earn from being a vlogger. Just make sure you continue doing things that people would appreciate. Otherwise, you will disappoint them and lose their interest. These are the things you might do in a travel vlog that could turn people off.

Saying something bad about the places you visit

There’s nothing wrong in expressing negative reviews about places you visit or experiences you’ve had. However, you need to present it in a respectful way. Make it a constructive criticism so that those who will go there next time can learn from you. If the concerned individuals see your vlogs, they might also try changing their ways. Just make sure you don’t talk too negatively about a place or its people as if they owe something to you. 

Making it always about yourself

Avoid When Doing a Travel Vlog

There are different themes for a vlog. You can think of a theme that matches your brand or how you want to present yourself to the public. When you decided to run a travel vlog, then it has to be about the places you visit and the experiences you’ve had. Don’t try to turn the camera to your face all the time since it’s annoying. People want to learn from your travel experience, and not see your reactions. 

Forcing people to do things

You can offer tips to those who wish to visit the place. You can also give information that anyone wouldn’t know unless they get to that place. The problem is when you sound like you’re forcing people to do what you did. Not everyone has the same preferences. You can’t please everyone and you can’t dictate them to have things your way. 

Bragging about your experience

Everyone already knows that you have visited different places. You’re lucky to have those experiences and for some, it’s only possible to get close through your vlog. Therefore, you need to make it as informative and entertaining as possible. Avoid bragging all the time since it will annoy a lot of people. Don’t forget that if you’re already earning through your vlog, your trips were possible because of the viewers. Be humble enough when choosing your words. 

Take everyone with you

The reason why you make this vlog is because you want people to feel like they’re in the journey with you. Don’t do things that could annoy other people. You also want your followers to continue checking your videos out since you will have more adventures in the future. Don’t forget to thank everyone for viewing the video and promise that you will come up with better videos next time. Read reviews so you will know what else you can do to improve.

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